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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

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There are many reasons to ask for a raise: a better offer from another employer, rising cost of living, or simply wanting your pay to match your skills and experience. Even if you know you deserve to be paid more, you may find that negotiating makes you anxious—but why does this happen, and what can we do to make sure we succeed regardless?

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Neuroscientists have discovered a song that reduces your anxiety

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Learn how to unlock the hidden part of your brain that controls your income.

Introduction Have you ever walked around a mall and just felt drawn to some of the clothes and items on display? This is more than just sheer luck; it is a result of “neuro-marketing” in action.

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There are many different tips and techniques that can increase the chances of your business interactions resulting in a positive outcome.

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Life will have its ups and downs. It will throw you with situations you never thought you could handle. But you are strong; You are courageous; you are YOU!

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For those that have stumbled into the secret of flow states, their lives have never been the same since.

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Discover the new science behind setting and achieving your biggest goals.

In a world of constant rush, stress, and feeling like you're not good enough, that dopamine rush is invaluable.

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Cognitive biases affect how you process and interpret information around you, which can be both positive and negative.

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Discover the brain science secret for eliminating overwhelm... lowering your stress... and overcoming your conscious & nonconscious fears

When team members connect and learn to appreciate and trust one another, the team itself becomes more productive.

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Overloading your workday by taking on too many tasks within a small time frame is known to cause low productivity, unfinished work, health problems, and poor work-life balance. But why do so many people struggle with realistic time management?

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Do you feel disappointed in yourself, ordinary, and powerless to change your future? Are you held back by the sense of insecurity and instability brought upon by some traumatic changes?

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