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The Real Reason You Cannot Break Your Money Threshold

Author:NeuroGym Team

Do you want to accomplish more and become more? Your brain has the potential to do all of that and much more. You just have to learn how to unlock it.

Let’s say you want to start making at least $350,00 a year. What do you need to do first and foremost? 

Write this down: I am smart enough. I am worthy of this money. I deserve this. It’s totally possible to make $350,000 annually. I can do this if I put my mind to it. 

Write down whatever you know you need to believe about yourself and your ability to make a bunch of money.

Sure, these may just be words on a piece of paper, but if you repeat them and develop new habits—which are nothing more than reinforced neural patterns in the brain—you deactivate the destructive habits and thoughts.

By doing this, you activate your brain for constructive habits (through spaced repetition and reinforcement) and reset your default stuck-ness.

So a belief, no matter if it’s true or not, is nothing more than a reinforced pattern that if you learn how to deactivate it and create a new one it’s like a software upgrade for your brain. 

You’ve probably heard the saying: Don’t believe everything you think.

Our thoughts aren’t necessarily true; our beliefs aren’t necessarily true. They’re just patterns reinforced over time. So if you want, you can create a new script for your life’s story, reinforce new, positive thought patterns, and make some major overall changes to your lifestyle and success.

Over the years of learning from my mentor, Alan Brown, and researching how the brain works, I’ve discovered how to take control of your mind and unlock its inner power so that you can achieve your biggest dreams.

To dive deeper into what I’ve figured out along my path to success, check out a recent podcast interview I did with Ed Mylett. 

Learn how to conquer fear, grief, and doubt . . . and channel your energy into action.

Get ready to take notes! This interview is filled with so many actionable tips you can implement starting today.

I also share my final moments with my mother just before she passed away from COVID-19, our virtual goodbye, and how my mental conditioning allowed me to continue to be filled with gratitude during a time of extreme grief.

When we learn to use our brain better, it’s just mind-boggling how we can achieve goals and dreams that we thought were impossible to achieve before. 

And when you give your brain the exact instructions for goal achievement, things get a lot easier and move a lot faster. When you get clear and focused by using vision boards, for example, you give your brain a blueprint of what you want for your life.

You can use your brainpower to help you hyper-focus on what you want and unlock your limitless mind.

The first step is clarity and the second step is mastering the art of change . . . so you can reprogram your brain and take action toward your goals and dreams.

Wouldn’t you rather master change than be a master of disappointment? 

One way to start working with change is to do the Innercise Awareness, Intention, Action (AIA), which puts you right back in control anytime you lose your momentum. Bring your awareness to your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, or the behaviors that you’ve just taken . . . or the one you’re afraid to take.

Do this Innercise without judgment, blame, shame, guilt, or justification. This practice gives you back the power. And when we’re empowered we can observe and review our intentions/goals/tasks at hand . . . From this frame of mind, we can then take direct action.

What’s one small action step I could take toward what I want, instead of what I don’t want? 

All of a sudden you’ve interrupted a fear pattern. Awareness is what actually gives us choice and choices . . . It’s what actually gives us freedom—if we make the right choices.

My first mentor, Alan Brown asked me that the question that would determine whether or not I’d achieve my goals and dreams  . . .

The question was: Are you interested, or are you committed to reaching these goals? 

  • If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s most convenient.
  • If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s easy and familiar.
  • If you’re interested, you’ll allow your limiting beliefs, habits, and fears to control you.
  • If you’re interested, you’ll come up with excuses and stories that keep you stuck.

However, if you’re committed, he said, you’ll take action despite your doubts and fears; you’ll upgrade your knowledge, skills, and beliefs to match the goals that you want to achieve; you’ll choose to let go of anything that’s holding you back.

(I told Mr. Brown I was committed to getting what I wanted.)

Now it’s your turn, are you fully committed to accomplishing your goals and living an exceptional life? Yes or no.

About The Author

NeuroGym Team

NeuroGym Team: NeuroGym’s Team of experts consists of neuroscientists, researchers, and staff who are enthusiasts in their fields. The team is committed to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing the latest scientific findings to help you change your life by understanding and using the mindset, skill set and action set to change your brain.

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