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The Mindset Secret Every Millionaire Knows

Author:NeuroGym Team

Do you know how millionaires and billionaires think? They don’t think about doing everything for the money.

They ask themselves questions like this: How can I do what I love? How can I get other people to help me with my vision? How do I grow my business?

To learn how to develop the business mindset of a millionaire watch this video. It’s easier than you think!

What’s the #1 problem with your business right now?

As you think about your #1 biggest problem, don’t fret or get discouraged, I’m going to share a formula for business success that’s centered around sales and marketing with you. There are time-tested ways to increase revenue for your business.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in growing their business is that they don’t know the role they’re supposed to be playing.

In every single business, there are different hats that a business owner has to wear or has to make sure somebody is wearing.

The visionary business owner is the person who has the vision for what they want to achieve. And they see their product or service helping lots of people.

Then, there’s the person who’s responsible for sales. They have the sales hat on; they make sales that create the business reality. Then, there’s the marketing person who’s responsible for generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers (online or offline with the sales team).

Lastly, there’s the driver. It’s the person who is driving the business every single day forward to implement the strategies and tactics to achieve the vision.



You must have a clear vision for success.

Here’s the deal: your unconscious beliefs must align with your conscious beliefs (with what you secretly believe is true). For example, if you feel that people need your product or service, but you have another belief that you don’t have the knowledge, skills, technologies, money, confidence, or certainty . . . then you’re going to have opposing beliefs that can hold you back from a business growth mindset.

You have to learn how to manage your emotions of uncertainty and lack in confidence if your beliefs are not aligned.

When you’re building a business, and you have a product or a service, knowledge or skills, the first question you must ask yourself is this. Who needs and wants what I have?

I have trained tens of thousands of business owners, and the #1 biggest mistake they make is they don’t know who is their ideal or perfect client profile.

They don’t have an avatar . . . a clear picture of a person: their gender, age, how much they earn, their biggest pains, fears, frustrations, irritations, wants, and needs.

You have to get into your client persona’s psyche when it comes to creating your business strategies and tactics.

How does what you offer solve your potential client’s problems? 

You have to help them make a decision. Here are some more questions you should be asking yourself.

When is the best time for them to buy? Should they buy right now? How come? Is there an offer? A special? A reason why you want them to make a decision to buy now?

Think about these things instead of haphazardly hoping and praying and not being prepared.

The skill set matrix.

Pay close attention. When you have a business, and you start off with a vision for your business, that’s just the beginning. As you take a look at the skill set matrix in the worksheet you downloaded, you’re going to see a section for sales, marketing, customer care, finance, legal operations, products or services development, and IT.

Every department within your business needs to have a vision. But, not only do you have the vision for how it will run and operate, you need to be clear about what needs to happen to achieve a vision.

Somebody has to create the strategies, the tactics, the specific details, and the timelines of when it’s going to get done by. Then, you have to have somebody who implements the strategies and tactics. Then, you have to have somebody, as you grow, manage the team.

What’s next?

Running a business and making extra money is challenging. There’s so much to think about: Sales, marketing, management, legal stuff, product development, finance, hiring, etc. And growing it can be even more difficult. 

But to make your life easier, NeuroGym’s CEO, John Assaraf, is offering a special mini-workshop to help you uplevel your thinking and change the way you think about financial success. You in? Click below for free access now.

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