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How can NeuroGym help you grow?

Studies have found that focusing on improving one area of your life with a proven system leads to amazing results faster than you would imagine possible.

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Here Are 7 Key Life Lessons for Your Success

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Which of These 8 Types of Smart Are You?

Denise Angelle Kinsley March 15, 2017

types of smart.png

It is possible to break free from intellectual labels if you want. And it’s totally possible to develop what psychologist, Carol Dweck, refers to as a growth mindset to enhance your brilliance. 

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Want to Do More of What You Love to Do?

John Assaraf March 10, 2017


Let's talk about something that I learned many years ago. It's all about doing more of what you love, less of what you tolerate, and none of what you hate.

It may sound like an impossible feat, but I’ll show you how I started to make decisions for my life that made doing more of what I love and none of what I don't possible. Watch the video to find out how you too can make turn your passion into your life's work. 

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Have you ever stopped and thought about your past resolutions, and how many fell by the wayside?

What if this time around, you don’t just make resolutions, but take the kind of effective action that will make sure you see yours through?

You can disrupt negative thoughts and behaviors that cause you to fall short of your goals, and divert that energy toward the positive ideas and habits that could drive you to success! 

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How do you ideally see your life unfolding when it comes to your health and relationships? How about your finances? Your career? Are you interested in achieving your vision?

These are all important questions to ask yourself. But most importantly, are you committed to achieving your goals and dreams? 

My first mentor and coach, Alan Brown, said to me: "If you’re interested in acheiving a goal, you’ll only do what’s most convenient. You’ll likely come up with stories and excuses as to why you don’t want to do the work necessary to grow and to learn what you need to learn. But if you're committed, you will do whatever it takes."

This knowledge stuck with me. So before starting out on my path to success, I leaned the importance of commitment. I learned that if you're committed to your living your ideal life, you'll do what it takes to upgrade your knowledge and your skills . . . and you’ll become whom you need to become. If you're committed, you'll learn from whomever you need to learn from in order to to achieve your goals and dreams. 

In this video, I share the key life lessons I've learned and implemented over the years. They are the reason I am where I am today. 

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Develop These 4 Habits, If You Want to Be More Productive

Denise Angelle Kinsley February 27, 2017


How did we, as a culture, get so obsessed with being so productive at work? Well, except for some of the younger Millennials—this group seems a bit more chill when it comes to peak performance on the job.

But as part of the general workforce, most of us feel a little guilty when things aren’t getting checked off our to-do lists. And if you’re an entrepreneur . . . the stakes are even higher, right? It’s not easy to stay focused and on task when there are tons of distractions (both internal and external).

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Having your own business can be the royal road to financial freedom. However, building a business is like learning how to solve the 3x3 Rubik's cube, you first have to practice with the puzzle to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

But there's a formula to help you to be successful in business. And no matter what industry you’re in, business is a science. Do you want to learn the scientific formula behind business success? (It involves a little help from your Facebook friends.)

Watch this video to learn how to 3x your business revenue this year . . . 

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How to Develop a Business Growth Mindset

Denise Angelle Kinsley February 16, 2017

If you’re frustrated and/or overwhelmed . . . clueless about how to start a business, or if you’ve been in business for a while but haven’t mastered how to launch and market your brand yet . . . don't despair!

You can grow a profitable, meaningful business for the product or service you’re passionate about. You can learn how to retrain your brain for business success. All you need to do is develop a business “growth mindset” (based on your values), learn the valuable skills you’ll need, and find the right team and tools to help you along your path to success.

If you believe you can do this, keep reading . . . 

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Does Your Brain Predict Your Financial Success?

John Assaraf February 11, 2017


Does your income match your effort? Or does it feel “stuck?” Many people experience a plateau in their earning potential—even when they’re working harder than ever.

But guess what? It’s not your intelligence, or your skills, or even your boss. Your income may be stagnating because of . . . 

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3 Useful Tips to Help You Stop Feeling Overwhelmed with Work

Denise Angelle Kinsley February 7, 2017

eliminate overwhelm 4.png

Are you so overwhelmed by everything you have to do that you find yourself procrastinating at work? Have you ever wished there was more time in the day to accomplish your goals (at work and in your personal life)?

Is your work/life balance unbalanced . . . too heavily weighted in work? 

Join the club! In our busy, success driven culture, most people feel overwhelmed. Emotional overwhelm is a state of being your mind creates when you believe there’s too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

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3 percent achieve.jpeg

Ready to learn why only 3% of people achieve their goals and 97% fail . . . and how you can be part of the 3%? There’s a lot of speculation as to why people don’t succeed at reaching their dreams . . .

But I’ve got a totally different view; it's based upon the latest research in neuroscience.

Goal achievement is all based on how the brain works . . . and what causes our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Watch this video and discover how to retrain your brain so you can start on a successful plan for your vision.

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7 Minutes to Exponential Business Success

NeuroGym Team February 2, 2017

Why do some businesses grow like weeds, while others stagnate?

A business can be close to success, but if it’s missing important elements it won’t get there. We studied tons of businesses . . . some that failed, others that grew exponentially, and some that plateaued.

We noticed very clear trends, which led us to the 3 crucial elements of a successful business, and how they will give you an edge over your competition.

The 3 critical pieces of the puzzle are mentioned in this video with John Assaraf.

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