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How can NeuroGym help you grow?

Studies have found that focusing on improving one area of your life with a proven system leads to amazing results faster than you would imagine possible.

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achieve your dream.png

Ready to learn why only 3% of people achieve their goals and 97% fail . . . and how you can be part of the 3%?

There’s a lot of speculation as to why people don’t succeed at reaching their dreams . . .

But I’ve got a totally different view; it's based on the latest research in neuroscience.

Goal achievement is all based on how the brain works . . . and what causes our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Watch this video and discover how to retrain your brain so you can start on a successful plan for your vision.

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coffee and energy.png

Millions of people around the world wake up each day and reach for a cup of coffee to get them going.

And it works, right? We’ve all felt that great boost in alertness, energy, and performance that coffee gives us.

So what could be wrong with something that’s obviously giving us a boost?

It turns out the story with coffee and caffeine isn’t so obvious after all. I’m about to show you why your coffee habit may actually be subtly sabotaging your performance and your ability to reach your goals. 

I’m also going to explain how you can get a boost in energy and performance without relying on caffeine.

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Do You Know Why Happy People Earn More Money?

NeuroGym Team June 15, 2017

The relationship between money and happiness has been a hot topic for centuries. 

From the ancient Greeks to modern philanthropists and celebrities . . . we've all tried to answer the question: can humans succeed at making money and achieving happiness at the same time?

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Innercise: How to Learn New Skills With Ease

NeuroGym Team June 14, 2017

learn how to surf.png

Want to change a behavior or learn new skills? If you follow a proven formula for learning, you’ll be able to develop and maintain any skill or habit you choose.

As Nobel Prize winner and neuroscientist Eric Kandel discovered, you need “repeated training interspersed with periods of rest.” Some people get super enthusiastic about learning something new, only to let their interest fade after a short while. Instead of overwhelming yourself, it’s much more effective to pace yourself.  

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ways to eliminate anxiety.png

Your palms are sweating, your stomach is upset, your heart is racing, and thoughts of worry flood through your mind.

No, you’re not dying; you’re having a panic attack.

Anxiety affects approximately 40 million Americans. For some, anxiety causes some slight discomfort and distress. For others it’s debilitating, causing the afflicted individual to miss work, socially withdraw, and even avoid certain places, people, or situations entirely.

If you or a loved one has ever dealt with the irritating, often incapacitating, effects of anxiety; take heart. There are several very tactical approaches for lessening your stress and decreasing your anxiety, and this article will show you how.

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Innercise: Discover Your Hidden Money Story

NeuroGym Team June 8, 2017

financial well-being

Have you ever felt like you had an internal “block” of some sort? A hidden obstacle that’s keeping you from earning more money?

If so, did you know what the block was?

Everyone has an internal “money story.” That’s the collection of beliefs and experiences associated with money. It’s often tied to your upbringing or your closest circle of friends and family.

Many people actually aren’t fully aware of the good and bad parts of their money stories. They just experience happiness or frustration at the results.

So how do you find out what your money story is?

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happy couple on beach-1.png

People who have lost substantial amounts of weight and kept it off have almost always made several unsuccessful attempts at weight loss before they finally succeeded.

So if you’ve tried and failed before, don’t be discouraged. The most successful people in the world have failed. They failed and learned, changed their approach . . . and persevered.

You have the power to maximize your energy and change your body. It just takes a little dedication and determination, right? You’re totally capable of that, too.

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Have you ever thought in depth about what makes up your unique perspective and personality? Why you act the way you do in your own special way?

And why does Aunt Jane have such an outstanding outlook on life that no one else seems to get? 

Who you are . . . the unique way you and everything you experience starts with your brain: your moods, relationships, energy level, creativity, intelligence, and ability to learn. 

Your brain determines your personality, motivation, confidence, persistence, happiness, inner peace . . . and your ability to love and be loved. So why do you behave the way you do?

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Innercise: How to Balance Logic and Emotion

NeuroGym Team June 3, 2017

logic & emotion 1.png

From choosing what soap to buy, to whom you go out with. . . . the decisions you make are controlled by a combination of logic and emotion.

That sounds simple enough, but every time you resolve to do or not do something, your brain is deliberating a multitude of factors at lightning speed.

Welcome to the Innercise on logic vs emotion! Here's where we use proven psychology and the latest advancements in neuroscience to help motivate you to put your ideas into action and, with practice, keep your left and right brain active and balanced.

Understanding how the decision-making process works is essential to preventing poor choices in the future.

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goal achievement

Your thoughts and belief system make up the software that runs your life. The way you experience the world around you is a reflection of your inner belief system.

And have you noticed how limiting beliefs block your growth and progress?

The human mind relies on the brain to carry out its functions . . . and our minds divide into two parts: the conscious and subconscious.

Think of your mind as an iceberg; the conscious part is the part you see on the surface of the ocean—which is roughly about 5 percent of the ice formation. And the other 95 percent that lies under the sea represents your subconscious (a.k.a. unconscious or nonconscious) mind.

Imagine the power of the subconscious . . .

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Sometimes losing weight can seem really tough, right?

(And keeping it off is another huge challenge!)

Extreme times, extreme measures...

Does that resonate with your weight loss journey at all?

Have you gone sugar free, meat free, fat free, juice cleanses (food free??) …

Or eaten so many unseasoned chicken breasts, even the thought of that flavorless meat makes you gag a little?

Maybe you tried zumba, spin class, hot yoga, bootcamp…?

Sometime it seems like losing weight is inherently difficult and miserable.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

(Hint: It doesn't!)  

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