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Do You Know How to Set Goals for Goal Achievement?

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how to set goals

You have ideas about where you want your life to go within the next several weeks, months, and years, right?

And you probably go through the ritual of setting goals at least once a year, too. So why does it feel like you're spinning your wheels . . . praying and hoping for more money but not getting any closer to reaching financial freedom?

Here's the deal: there's a big difference between setting financial goals and actually achieving them. It's super easy to set goals because goal setting is exciting! The process stokes the creative fire and gets the feel-good neurochemical, dopamine, flowing . . .

But to master the art and science of achieving your goals and dreams? That's not so easy. Lugging around goals for years on end is what the majority of people do, so if you can relate . . . you're definitely not alone.

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train your brain

Do you have big goals and dreams that you can't seem to reach? Want to make more money but, for some reason, can't get out of your current tax bracket?

If so, we've got the neuroscience news that'll help you train your brain to achieve success in this lifetime.

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Learn how to unlock the hidden part of your brain that controls your income.
overcome negative thoughts

Have you ever wondered where that little negative voice inside your head comes from?

What if we told you that we're all biologically wired to be negative first?

In this video, John Assaraf shares why we often feel negative about life. Then, you'll learn how to prevent negativity from holding you back from your life’s goals and dreams.

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Even though we don’t know exactly what makes extraordinary people, brain science offers us clues as to why some minds are exceptional . . . and have changed the world.

People like Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, John Coltrane, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Ada Lovelace, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Albert Einstein knew how to find the inspiration to fuel their creative power.

But how did they do it?

Here's what we know about what makes great minds creative and brilliant.

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running up stairs

There’s no shortage of information on the internet—especially when it comes to weight loss.

But the way you view weight loss may change after reading these scientific studies. And the knowledge you gain by looking at the research may help you develop a mindset to lose weight naturally and keep it off for good . . .  

Here they are. 

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build confidence

What do you want to do in this lifetime? What's your ultimate intention? Whatever your aspirations are, you have an inherent, inner power to fulfill your highest purpose.

In this 30-minute video, you'll discover 7 brilliant brain-based exercises from the world’s leading neuroscience researchers. Use the techniques outlined here to maximize your potential and reach your financial, business, and personal goals!

Don't have time to watch the video? Download the guide! 

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Discover the new science behind setting and achieving your biggest goals.
right on target

Have you discovered your true purpose? If so, do you know why you want to fulfill your highest potential? 

If you don't know why you want to do what you want to do in this lifetime, meditate on this question until you do. Once you know for sure, you can learn how to be part of the 3 percent of the world population who earn more, have more, give more, and live more.

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brain gut connection-1.png

Did you know that the brain-gut connection is at the core of our overall well-being? 

Remember that visceral “gut feeling” you had when you decided to walk down one road instead of the other? What about those butterflies in your stomach that took off before you spoke up in class for the first time?

Scientists are learning that the intimate relationship between the gut and the brain is bidirectional ; your brain sends butterflies to your stomach and your gut relays its state of anxiety to the brain. 

And during stressful situations, the brain basically changes the entire performance of our digestive system. When there’s stress at one end, there's bound to be stress at the opposite end as well. 

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finish what you start

Have you ever started a project, full of fire and excitement, only to watch it slowly peter out a few weeks in?

This happens to all of us. But why does it happen?

The latest research reveals that our behavior is controlled by brain circuits that often operate without our conscious awareness.

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genius brain

Have you ever stopped and thought about your past resolutions, and how many fell by the wayside?

What if this time around, you don’t just make resolutions, but take the kind of effective action that will make sure you see yours through?

You can disrupt negative thoughts and behaviors that cause you to fall short of your goals, and divert that energy toward the positive ideas and habits that could drive you to success! 

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Discover the brain science secret for eliminating overwhelm... lowering your stress... and overcoming your conscious & nonconscious fears
business program

All small business owners want to grow into something big, right?

You survived start-up, launched, and are currently doing all you can to build your business . . . but now you want to learn how to grow your business beyond its current status? Makes perfect sense to us. You're in the right place.

Sure it takes hard work and dedication to become a successful entrepreneur. But it's totally possible to build your business and achieve financial freedom if you've got the right mindset, support structure, skill set, and motivation to take daily action steps toward your goals.  

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