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Goal Achievement

3 Powerful Goal Setting Tactics to Help You Reach Your Dreams

Author:NeuroGym Team

The new year inspires a fresh start, and rightfully so… it’s the time of year for change and new beginnings.

Resolutions and other goal setting practices mark a clean slate, and as cliché as it sounds, it’s the best time for making positive changes in your life. But let’s face it, new year’s resolutions rarely stick.

So to help you stay motivated throughout the year, here are a few useful tips to help you reach your dreams. Your can review these tactics whenever you feel yourself losing the steam throughout the year.

Before exploring the following tips, pick a big goal that both scares and excites you. This is your “stretch goal.” You want to be fully aware that you may have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your stretch goal, so once you’ve selected one, make sure it’s worthy of your time, commitment, and dedication. Is it something you’re totally willing to do?

 Make sure deep down (in your heart and mind) you really want to achieve what you’re setting out to do. CLICK TO TWEET ~

Ready to take on the challenge of making lasting changes for goal achievement? Once you’re clear about what you want to do to make your dreams come true, you’ll need to take some serious action steps toward your goal.

Here are 3 powerful tips from New York Times bestselling author, JJ Virgin.

1. Find an accountability partner.

In order to keep going after something you want to achieve, you have to take action . . . and sustaining your commitment requires a system of accountability—to yourself and to others.

  • Write down your stretch goal on a piece of paper or sticky note.
  • Now write down a list of action steps you’ll  need to take in order to reach your goal.
  • Post the goal and steps throughout your home (by your desk, on the bathroom mirror, and/or near your television).

The notes will serve as daily reminders. If your goals are out of sight, they’re also out of mind, so keep them visible.

Next, you’ll want to find people to hold you accountable for what you set out to accomplish. Make sure they are available on a weekly basis. And pick someone who will also act as your personal cheerleader—always rooting for your wins.

  • Reach out to a few friends and find one (or two) who can take on the role of an accountability partner.
  • Join a Facebook group or a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Share your goal, strategy, and plan with them.
  • Ask them to check in with you on a regular basis to see if you’re making progress.
  • Schedule a call or in-person meeting with your accountability partner at least a few times a month to review your progress.

2. Track your progress on a regular basis.

This is important. In order to review your progress, you’ll have to first track your progress. Tracking your progress will allow you great insight into when and where you’re most productive. Do this in great detail. When you do, you’ll learn a lot about your habits and patterns.

As you begin to make changes and take steps toward your goal, first find out if you need to overcome procrastinationDo I procrastinate? When and why?

Now ask yourself: When do I do my best work? Mornings? Am I feeling overwhelmed? When and why? Am I getting enough exercise? Am I eating healthy foods? Do I take breaks during my work hours? Do I become easily distracted anytime during the day? Do I ever panic and/or feel anxious?  Am I exhausted anytime during the day?

Once you are aware of your emotions and habits, you can schedule your action steps accordingly.

  • Review your calendar to look for places where you can schedule a time to work toward your goal.
  • Decide how much time you have each day for goal-related action steps.
  • Block out the time on your schedule in order to take action toward your goal.
  • Track the hours you spend working toward your goal—this will indicate if you have been sticking to it.
  • Determine how productive you were each day. On a scale of 1-10, how focused were you when working toward your goal? Was it a productive day?
  • Write down your reflections in your journal or in the document you use specifically for goal progress tracking
  • Share this information with your accountability partner each week.

3. Celebrate your small successes and your big wins.

It’s just as important to acknowledge your accomplishments along your path to success as it is taking the steps . . .

Completing action steps, SMART goals, and subgoals is intrinsically rewarding, but plan on regular small extrinsic rewards as well—a walk in nature, a movie with a friend, a relaxing bath in your favorite essential oil . . . Enjoy small pleasures that acknowledge your hard work when the day is done.

And celebrating your stretch goal, once you’ve achieved it, will keep you motivated to set more big goals to create the life you want.

Pat yourself on the back and take time to celebrate your ability to make lasting changes!

What’s next?

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