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Goal Achievement

Here Are the Top 3 Neuroscience Secrets for Your Success Formula

Author:NeuroGym Team

Everything is made up of energy. So thoughts must hold immense energy, right? If we think negative thoughts, we attract negativity and unfavorable outcomes; if we think positively, we attract positive people and experiences into our lives.

So, if you think about it, the secret to success depends on the quality, frequency, and intensity of our thought patterns. If you’re not getting the results you want in your life, it may be time to become hyper aware of your thinking mind.

Are you operating with outdated and limiting beliefs, habits, and attitudes? Old mental patterns may be what’s keeping you stuck in a fixed mindset. What you want to encourage is a success mindset instead.

Your brain is a holistic system that works together in harmony. But if you don’t have a clear vision, goals, and the right mindset, you’ll struggle to unlock your full potential. It’d be like having the numbers to the vault’s combination but without the sequence.

Ready to shift paradigms and learn the top 3 secrets behind the science of success? Here’s the success formula you need to follow if you want to reach your dreams.

1. You’ve got to have a clear, concise vision for whom you want to be and how you want to live.

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The first secret to achieving anything is to envision the outcome you want to experience. Visualize yourself taking the steps to making your ultimate dream a reality . . . and then see yourself living your ideal lifestyle once you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Create a clear mental picture of the life you want to live and start programming your thoughts to produce the results you want.

What do you want? Take a moment to visualize your ideal future. Plant the thoughts that surround your vision into the garden of your mind. Give your vision attention and nurture it on a daily basis. Allow your vision to become your main focus.

And remember, clarity is power here so dive into the details of what it looks like when you’re taking action toward your goals. What does it look and feel like to live the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself?

2. Define and set your strategy with a step-by-step plan of action.

You need to be equally clear about the goals you need to accomplish along the way . . . if you want to thrive in your ideal future.

As soon as you set a goal and commit to it—even if you don’t yet know how to achieve it, the first thing that happens is a feel-good chemical, dopamine, is released in your brain and activates the motivational circuit; the nucleus accumbens and the insula gets fired up and suddenly you’re like: “Yeah, I’m going to do that!”

When your brain’s motivational circuit gets lit, you start to reinforce and strengthen the neural pathways for goal achievement.

And if you share it with somebody else, do you know what happens? Another chemical (there are hundreds of them in the brain) called oxytocin—the bonding love chemical—binds that vision into your brain’s visual cortex.

If you continue to focus on your goal and share it with people, you start to solidify your vision, which activates another part of your brain (the left prefrontal cortex).

3. In your mind, know exactly WHY you want to achieve your ultimate dream.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t finish what you start or don’t bother to start at all, now you have the answer. You lacked the BIG WHY.

Until you identify your why(s), you won’t be able to get crystal clear about your “what” and “how.” Knowing why you want to make your vision a reality is critical. You have to know WHY you want to reach your ultimate dream and vision for yourself.

And, while you’re at it, think about the about the difference you’re going to make in other people’s lives as well.

Go ahead. Ask yourself: What’s the WHY behind my desire to be the best version of myself? Why do I want to live the life of my dreams?

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Do you want to be financially independent with healthy, loving relationships? Do you want to be your own boss and go on vacation whenever you feel like it? Do you want to heal yourself and help others heal themselves? Do you want to make lasting changes for the greater good?

Write your “why” answers on a piece of paper or in a journal, and review them on a regular basis. You must recognize and acknowledge the emotional, deep down in your heart of hearts reason why you want what you want. This keeps your brain’s neurotransmitters on point and involved with the whole motivational messaging process.

If you know the “why” behind your vision you’ll stay motivated to take action throughout your journey to success.  ~ CLICK TO TWEET ~

And don’t forget to celebrate your small wins (i.e., completing the small tasks that get you closer to accomplishing your goal). Celebrating the victories along the way = more dopamine in your brain.

If you want to understand the neuroscience of success, you have to become fully aware of how to use your brain to your advantage.

Follow the above success formula and watch my keynote speech from the Thrive conference to get you started on the path to living your dream.

What’s next?

Being aware of what you value the most is the first step to aligning your dreams and desires with your beliefs and behaviors.

The next step is to learn how to re-fire your brain so you rewire it for more success. 

Dr. Sarah McKay, an Oxford educated neuroscientist, teaches an incredible 6 step process that anyone can use to release old habits and unwanted behaviors.

Sarah has a proven method that helps you get aligned with what you truly want in this lifetime. Ready to create new neural patterns for success?

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Have you started to train your brain for success? If so, what have you discovered? Please share your thoughts, comments, and questions with us in the space below.


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