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Innercise: Transform Your Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Epiphanies

Author:NeuroGym Team

Albert Einstein. Emily Brontë. Isaac Newton. C.S. Lewis.

These are some of the greatest writers and scientists in history . . . and they all have one thing in common: they were notorious daydreamers!

Numerous studies in recent years have shown that the right kind of daydreaming can sharpen your mind . . . and help with problem-solving and long-term planning.

Welcome to the Innercise on daydreaming . . .

Have you ever tried to search your brain for answers to a problem, but never found a solution or any inspiration? Or have you ever gone to great lengths to make a plan to achieve your goals, but never took any steps toward change?

The problem you may be facing, if you are stuck in your limiting beliefs, is the lens through which you see the world is based on old memories (stored in the midbrain) and a lack of strong creativity cells in the frontal lobes of your brain.

By letting your mind wander, you are stretching new neural pathways in your brain—while at the same time—giving the analytic, task-oriented part of your brain a break.

As you daydream, you explore the creative, uncharted corners of your mind. Creativity can play an essential role in solving problems . . . from complex math to turning in that project assignment on time.

And contrary to what you may believe, taking the time to look at the clouds passing by . . . or unplugging from technology can actually increase productivity.

Several group studies revealed that when asked, people who were given a “daydreaming” exercise—in between the other tasks—performed much better than the group that was required to focus on their tasks without any time to drift off.

And the best part of daydreaming may be the “aha” moment. Have you experienced this kind of moment? Maybe you were standing in the shower, or stuck in a long line of traffic when suddenly WHAM! the solution to a problem strikes you. . . . out of the blue. But all that really happened was: you let your mind wander!

So yeah, daydreaming and meditation really are connected.

We call this Innercise, “In the Clouds. It will help you to drift outside the box, let go of your limiting beliefs, and allow your imagination to take over as you have an undisturbed daydreaming session.

 Try this Innercise to transform your daydreams into epiphanies.

  1. Take a few moments to get settled in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe in through your nostrils and out through your mouth. Once you are aware of the stillness within . . . imagine, in your mind’s eye, that you sitting on a puffy cloud. 
  2. Now imagine that you are floating on the soft, fluffy cloud . . . feel the surface beneath you becoming softer; feel the cloud rising out of the surface you are on, surrounding you in its protective support. Let the cloud rise up into the sky . . . taking you with it. See the walls and ceiling around you disappearing as you float into the sunny sky . . . drifting on the cloud.
  3. Allow yourself to daydream on your drifting cloud for as long as you’d like. And when you are ready to return from the journey, drift back down to where you started, and slowly open your eyes. Take a few moments to write down your experience. Did you have any realizations? What did your daydream entail? 

So the next time you are on a boring, group conference call, waiting for your friend to arrive, or sitting on an airplane . . . put aside the phone/book/device and try to actively not think about anything. Just let your thoughts drift naturally. . . up in the clouds, and see what happens.

By retraining your brain you’ll stop standing on the edge of your potential, and you’ll start fulfilling more of what you’re capable of achieving.  Ready to boost self-esteem?

Transform your limiting beliefs starting today.

All our NeuroGym programs use the latest science to help you recognize and release your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at your current level of success.

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We’d love to hear from you!

How was your experience In the Clouds? After you try this Innercise, please write your reflections, comments, and/or questions in the space below.

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