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This Is My Winning the Money Game Story

Author:NeuroGym Team

Before discovering NeuroGym and watching the Brain-A-Thon, I was very stressed, upset, scared, and struggling financially.

I’d recently moved from California to Texas where my girlfriend and I gained custody of my two young children.

Managing my job in a new location while getting used to parenting full time, finding childcare, and rearranging my schedule along with my relationship became a load to bear. When you add in additional expenses I was very overwhelmed and was unsure if it was even possible for me to get back on track.

My name is John White, and I work in tech sales. There was a time when I wasn’t hitting my numbers although I was “on track” (according to my manager), I was only meeting  30% of my quota.

While this was happening, my focus was on the lack in my life . . . and everywhere I looked was something else to complain or feel anxious about.

One fine day, I saw something about a big event in neuroscience and success, the Brain-A-Thon, hosted by John Assaraf. I watched it with bated breath. And immediately signed-up and started the Winning the Game of Money (WTGM) program.

I committed to completing the program and doing in a way where I wouldn’t feel I left something on the table. That said, three weeks in I was ready to give up. I thought it was taking up too much of my time, and I wasn’t experiencing all the results I wanted to see.

Sure, I had a couple of good sales over the past weeks but I wasn’t seeing what I signed up for. I remembered John saying this was normal. That fighting back and wanting to give up was just a form of getting out the comfort zone.

I accepted this and kept with the program. Fast forward a few months and I went from being last on my team in sales to top in the company!

I set a goal for a specific amount of money to earn via sales and well as being the number one rep in the organization. Both came true!

I noticed commitments were coming to fruition much quicker than before. That my visions were finding there ways to me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

After completing the program, I thought: “Well, I’m done. Got what I needed!” Turns out I was wrong.

Over the next couple months I noticed my old self creeping back up with limiting beliefs, more anxiety, more doubt, and sinking back into a lower quality of life.

It took me a few more months before I started the program over, focused on a positive belief system, and obtaining what I wanted out of life.

This catapulted me into a new job with even more earning potential and hitting new sales that I didn’t expect.

Now I’ve begun passing this information on to my young children. I’m teaching my five year old son how to visualize and have better days at school. I’ve also leveraged information in the NeuroGym community to build out and expand my new money story, daily routines, and goals.

The NeuroGym program has helped tremendously, and I am seeing blessings pour back into my life in the form of monetary wins, vacations, and opportunities with those around me. 

If you’re ready to increase your awareness of all the financial opportunities around you and gain an understanding of what your own “money story” is and how it controls your relationship with money, watch the Brain-A-Thon.

Sign-up for the free training to prime your brain to achieve financial success by clicking the button below. Get started on your own winning the game of money story today!


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NeuroGym Team

NeuroGym Team: NeuroGym’s Team of experts consists of neuroscientists, researchers, and staff who are enthusiasts in their fields. The team is committed to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing the latest scientific findings to help you change your life by understanding and using the mindset, skill set and action set to change your brain.

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