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Innercise: How to Sustain Your High Self Esteem

Author:NeuroGym Team

Why is it so hard to take action sometimes? You know that feeling when you have an idea, and you’re pretty sure it’s great, but you’re not so sure the rest of the world will agree . . . so you don’t DO anything about it.

Low self-esteem may be the culprit here. It’s responsible for all sorts of icky emotions. Maybe you’re afraid of failing or looking dumb. Maybe you feel like you just aren’t good enough. It can be paralyzing.

Luckily, you’re about to learn a technique to silence that annoying little voice. You know the one. It’s keeping you from opening up and sharing yourself with the world.

Watch the video to learn the technique to increase your self-esteem.

You set your level of self-esteem pretty early in life. Throughout your childhood, people reinforced beliefs for you like: “You’re a genius at math! But you’re terrible at soccer.”

Since you’re young and impressionable, you don’t question the limiting beliefs thrown at you. You just assume they’re true, right? So you move through life thinking “O.K., I’m good at math and bad at soccer.”

As you get older, your beliefs get reinforced. And since you already believe you’re bad at math, you just avoid it or get worse. You’d rather be playing soccer anyway, right? People cheer a lot when you score a goal, and that feels good.

By the time you reach adulthood, you haven’t thought much about where these limiting beliefs came from in the first place. To you, they’re just facts. But guess what? They’re NOT. They’re just stories you’re subconsciously choosing to believe, regardless of how true they are.

Now here’s some good news: it’s not permanent!

If you feel like you aren’t good, smart, attractive, or resourceful enough to reach your goals and attain your deepest desires, now is the time to realize that’s only a story.

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire found that the following steps have a profound effect on your brain activity. Here they are.

  1. Take 3 deep breaths to calm yourself and relax (when you’re in a relaxed state, your mind is more open to new ideas).
  2. Now, notice your currently mental and emotional state.
  3. Next, recall a past accomplishment, or a time when you overcame fear to reach a goal. It can be big or small. The most important part is to really feel, and experience that moment when you felt that sense of mastery or accomplishment.
  4. Now dwell on that feeling for a few moments . . . and voila!

When you focus on a feeling you already experienced in the past, your brain actually starts feeling it again. To feel confident, just reflect on a time when you felt confident.

This little nugget of positivity gives you a mental and emotional boost. It makes you totally forget about those feelings of inadequacy. Even better, it gives you the motivation to just get out there and do it.

It’s almost like your brain forgets what you’re capable of, and you have to remind it every once in a while.

Although this is a quick Innercise, it’s not a quick fix. Innercise, like exercise, helps you build strength over time.

If you consistently use this activity, you’ll reinforce the belief that you can accomplish your goals. The more you do this, the more you’ll feel motivated to put yourself out there, without worrying about how you’ll be received.

Do you feel like this helped you get rid of self-doubt? That was just the tip of the iceberg!

We want to give you tools to notice and overcome your internal negativity. That’s why we developed comprehensive programs to truly eradicate the inner saboteur, right at the source. Everyone manifests it differently, but the root cause is hanging out in your subconscious.

Now that you’re about to become a total rockstar . . . don’t forget to share some of that increased self-confidence with your friends and family!

NeuroGym programs use the latest science to help you recognize and release any of the mental or emotional obstacles that are keeping you stuck at your current level of success.

By retraining your brain, you’ll stop standing on the edge of your potential.

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