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How to Increase Self Confidence so You Can Maximize Your Full Potential

Author:NeuroGym Team

What do you want to do in this lifetime? What’s your ultimate intention? Whatever your aspirations are, you have an inherent, inner power to fulfill your highest purpose.

In this 30-minute video, you’ll discover 7 brilliant brain-based exercises from the world’s leading neuroscience researchers. Use the techniques outlined here to maximize your potential and reach your financial, business, and personal goals!

Don’t have time to watch the video? Download the guide!


The seven steps outlined in this video and the corresponding downloadable guide we created will help you increase confidence and achieve your personal and financial success.


Many years ago, I became interested in why people set goals but don’t achieve them, even though they have an intrinsic desire to achieve their dreams. All of my research showed that the autonomic nervous system is responsible for your non-conscious processes like breathing, walking, digestion, and replicating your cells while you’re not thinking about it.

But, this extraordinary system is responsible for more than just those things. It’s also responsible for all of your automatic thinking—the positive thoughts and the all that negative self-talk.

Your nervous system, which is comprised of your brain and spinal cord, has control over the emotions that give rise to feelings that motivate you to either move toward or away from your goals and dreams.

Here’s an exercise: Clearly write down your intentions. Now bring yourself into a relaxed state using your breath. Once you’re relaxed, you can observe your thoughts. You can witness your brain working. Try it! Observe the thoughts and emotions that achieving your goals, short-term or long-term, bring you.

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Everything you need is within reach, as long as you stay relaxed and focused on your deepest values and goals. You can use strategies to shine a light on any aspect of your inner and outer life, and you can change any limiting habit or old belief. This is the way to build self-confidence, focus, and certainty.

Practice with the 7 steps detailed in our guide to maximizing your full potential, refining them as you apply your inner genius and creativity, to establish the life you want. When you trust your inner wisdom and intuition, all remnants of self-doubt will permanently fall away.


Yes, it’s that easy, and it all begins with your conscious intention to succeed. Here’s to reaching your full potential!

About The Author

NeuroGym Team

NeuroGym Team: NeuroGym’s Team of experts consists of neuroscientists, researchers, and staff who are enthusiasts in their fields. The team is committed to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing the latest scientific findings to help you change your life by understanding and using the mindset, skill set and action set to change your brain.

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