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You Need to Start Converting your Social Media Followers NOW. Here’s how:

Author:NeuroGym Team

What does social media conversion mean to you?

Do you think it means somebody liked your page or followed your account, or do you consider a successful conversion to occur when a social media lead turns into a customer?

If you went for the latter, then you are already one step ahead and have the right idea.

So here’s the next prompt: When last did you actually check your conversion statistics? Do you have any idea how many leads you are turning into customers?

It’s time to start thinking differently about social media. It’s an amazing tool to keep in touch with your customers, but that won’t convert them to customers or pay the bills.

What if Social Media Disappeared Today?

How many minutes do you spend on social media every day?

The worldwide average indicates most people spend 145 minutes on social networks daily! That’s over two hours of browsing Facebook; watching YouTube; and creating and sharing TikToks—not to mention all the other social media opportunities out there.

It all equates to lots of fans that get to know your business! They follow you on social media, engage with your content, and get to know your brand.

It’s All Gone

Now, imagine all of those fans and social networks disappearing in front of your eyes.

What would you do?

After wiping the shocked look off your face, you will be confronted with a stark reality: losing all your fans.

Would you even know where to find them again or who they are?

Hot Leads

Every one of your fans is a hot lead. They already like what your business is doing, so they are primed to become customers.

Your social media cannot be a fan base alone. You have to convert your fans into potential customers by getting them to commit to you. If you don’t, they remain fans forever, and when social media disappears, they will disappear, too.

All of those leads: gone; they’re flushed down the toilet, and you have to start finding prospects from scratch. After spending months, possibly years, building a following, this is the last thing you want.

A Vanishing Act

The idea of social media vanishing isn’t that unrealistic. In fact, it’s happening already.

Hackers frequently target companies and individuals across the world. They fall victim to cyberattacks and may decide to close their accounts and open a new one entirely. Just like that, leads are gone.

Other people might opt to leave social media for some reason or another. Poof! Potential customers disappear.

You need to change the focus of your social media strategy. It’s time to create a plan that converts your leads so that you have their information should anything ever happen to social media.

Learn About Your Customers

Your customers want you to know that they have unique needs, but you can access their minds through neuro-marketing. Find out more about this topic, how it works, and how you can increase your sales within a week by joining John Assaraf at the Business Breakthrough Challenge.

Use Social Media Marketing Effectively

Social media is an underutilized resource. Each platform is filled with millions of users just waiting to hear from your business—they are right there.

Here’s a list of the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • WeChat
  • TikTok

All you need to do is reach out to them, get them to become a fan, and turn that lead into a conversion. Each platform has its own target market, but the basic way to convert fans remains the same: Use email.

Create an Email Subscriber List

Asking potential customers for their email is the easiest way to convert them. As soon as you have their email address, you can send them crucial information about your business such as special offers or new product releases.

But first, you have to get your fans’ email addresses. How are you going to do this?

By offering them something they can’t refuse. You know what your target market values, so tap into that knowledge.

Create an enticing reason for them to give up their email address. Usually, this means giving them something for free, providing them with a discount on their first purchase, or entering them into a draw.

It really is that simple to turn leads into customers.

Use Technology

Once you have an email subscriber list, you need to start connecting with your customers. It can be challenging to send email after email or respond to every new sign-up message.

The better option is to use email automation tools like Mailchimp or HubSpot’s email services. With these technologies, you can create emails to send to customers at the press of a button or schedule them to you out in advance.

The best part is that many of these companies offer a free plan. There is no excuse not to automate your email campaigns.


Your subscriber list is ready and automation tools are in place; now, you need to decide what to tell customers in your emails. This doesn’t have to be a challenge because you already know that your customers are interested in your business.

Start off by sending a thank-you email to every person that signs up to your list. Create an automatic email that is propagated immediately when a new email address is added to the database. Show your new subscriber that you value their business.

Create a content plan and send emails frequently to let your subscribers know what is happening. Make your emails enticing for customers to read and add in some bonus features—let subscribers be the first to know about new offerings, provide them with lead magnets, and add buttons for them to click through to your website.

Get More Marketing Tips

An email subscriber list and communicating with customers frequently is just one component of a proper marketing strategy. Register for the Business Breakthrough Challenge and learn even more about neuro-marketing so that you can turn your business into a multimillion dollar organization.

Increase Your Social Media Conversion Rates

After getting your subscriber list in place, you still need to work on getting even more conversions. Sometimes, you need to convince your fans a bit more about your business before they will sign up for your emails.

Let’s consider some strategies that can boost your subscriber list and impress your customers.

Monetize YouTube

YouTube is the top video content platform on the web. With so many people watching different videos, you have loads of opportunities to market to potential customers.

One option is to pay for ads on the platform. This allows you to choose who you want to target, so you are reaching the right people that could become paying customers.

Another option is to use channel memberships or Super Chat and Super Stickers. This will not just monetize your channel, but you also get to build a loyal follower base who will sign up to your subscriber list quite easily.

Finally, add some merchandise to your YouTube channel. Loyal customers love to associate with your brand, resulting in free promotion for your business.

Remember a Call to Action

Social media marketing won’t get you anywhere if you don’t appeal to your customers. You have to tell them what you want from them.

For example, “Share this post and stand a chance to win free merchandise,” or “Enter your email address here, and get 30% off your next purchase.”

These kinds of calls to action motivate leads to do something and bring them one step closer to your brand.

You need to add a call to action for every single post you make on social networks. Don’t skip one because you will miss an opportunity to engage actively with your leads.

Setup Linktree or SOCIA TAP

Linktree and SOCIA TAP serve similar purposes but have different features, plans, and pricing, including free options.

The basic idea behind both tools is that they create links that you can place in the bio section of your social media accounts. When followers click on these links, they are directed to specific places of your choosing.

For example, in the Instagram bio section for your business, you could add links that take followers to the latest products in your online shop, a recent blog article, or training on your website.

Consider using Linktree and SOCIA TAP to create a link that directs followers to your email subscriber list. It’s a one-click option that makes it much easier for your leads to reach you.

Get More Training

Conversions don’t happen by chance; you have to do something to earn them. Educating yourself on the latest marketing strategies can help you to convert social media followers much more easily.

The Business Breakthrough Challenge is exactly the opportunity you need to learn more about your customers and strategies unlike any you have seen before!

Join John Assaraf live for five days, as he shares how he spearheaded five companies into multimillion-dollar businesses. You will get the proven blueprint to build your business in the same way!

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