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Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s How to Fix It

Author:NeuroGym Team

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Have you broken them already, or are you going strong?

We’re only a couple of days into 2022, but it’s quite possible that you (like many other people) are struggling to stick to your resolutions. You’re not alone—millions of people never see resolutions through to the end of the year.

Understanding the reasons why this happens allows you to overcome the problem.

So let’s dive into why resolutions fail and what you can do differently this year to make it successful.

How Broken Resolutions Happen

Every resolution you commit to is a decision to change your lifestyle. It’s a commitment to a new habit, but it’s difficult to stick to them.

If you’ve ever broken a habit, then you are bound to break your resolutions because they work on similar principles. The mistakes made with resolutions are the same as those with habits.

Vague Resolutions

The way you state your resolutions is a big predictor of how well you will do. Unfortunately, many of us don’t give much thought to resolutions until we are on the precipice of the new year.

It results in vague resolutions that don’t provide clear direction at all.

For instance, saying, “I want to be healthier,” or “I want to pay off my debts” state an intention but don’t explain it in detail. There is no indication of when, how, or what you will be doing to make these resolutions come to life.

Lacking Goals

With vague resolutions comes the next problem: an inability to create goals. You need to know what you are after so that you can set goals that will get you closer to your desired state.

Without goals, you are lost and don’t know what action steps to take. There is no way to monitor or measure your progress.

No Clear Plan

Poor resolutions already affected the setting of goals. Now, it also prevents you from creating a clear plan.

To do anything in life, you need to make a plan. The same goes for resolutions. You need to plan how you will make them part of your life based on your goals.

It’s Not All Bad

Don’t beat yourself up if you already have broken resolutions. It happens. You still have a whole year to make changes in your life.

Besides, there is a lot you can learn from failure.

Reality Check

Failing at resolutions can be a reality check. It makes you realize the true state of things in your life which can be a sobering experience.

Your mindset could be all wrong, or you might not have the resources you require. Failure indicates something is wrong, so go ahead and assess what is happening in your life.

Learning Lessons

As you work on your resolutions, you could make mistakes. It’s possible that you jumped into the deep end, didn’t do your planning, and now, the results aren’t meeting your expectations.

Failure always has a lesson. Identify where things went wrong and think about how you would do things differently in the future.

Adjust Your Goals

Many resolutions and habits are broken because people are too ambitious and set unrealistic goals. When you fail, you realize this even more.

It gives you an opportunity to think critically about your abilities and your goals. The idea isn’t to give up; it’s about tailoring them to your current situation so that they challenge you without being impossible.

Another Chance

The world isn’t going to end because you broke your resolutions already. You still have loads of time to try again, so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get going again.

If anything, you have an even better chance the second (third, tenth, or fiftieth) time because you know where it went wrong.

Build Resilience

After learning all those lessons and surviving failure, you get to know yourself better through introspection. It builds your character and teaches you about resilience.

If you can overcome this failure, then you can do so much more. Just think back to all the times you failed previously and how you bounced back afterward.

Reflect on the times you succeeded, and use those memories to power you through this situation.

Use Failure to Change Your Approach

The only way to overcome failure is to think differently about it. You need to find the positives, and use them as inspiration to do better.

It can be challenging to do this right away, but with our proven strategies, you will change your mindset with ease and be ready for the next round. Register for the Brain-A-Thon and make it the best year yet.

Do Some Self-Reflection

Take a step back for a moment and think about the resolutions you already broke this year and in previous years. Reflecting on what happened, the importance of resolutions and your approach can be the thing you need to alter your mindset and identify mistakes.

Making It Work

Why are you using resolutions in the first place?

You can make changes in your life at any time; you don’t need to wait for the new year. Sure, it’s a fresh start, but you can still commit to changes on the fifth or even in September. It’s never too late.

Start by understanding your attitude toward resolutions first by reflecting on the following questions:

  • Why are resolutions important to me?
  • What value do resolutions add to my life?
  • What resolutions can work in different areas of my life? Think about professional, personal, family, financial, health, and social goals.
  • What must I get in place to ensure I can stick to my resolutions?

Approaching Resolutions

Next, reflect on your attitude and approach to resolutions and how you work toward them. What can you do differently this year that might help you to stick to them?

Here are some ideas:

  • Find someone who has a similar resolution and work on them together.
  • Ask someone who has successfully completed a similar resolution to be your accountability partner.
  • Schedule dates to review your progress and adjust your approach as necessary.
  • Be patient with your progress and promise yourself that you will keep going—even if it’s tough.

Mindset Reboot

It’s a new year and time to change your mindset—even if that’s your only resolution for the moment. A great way to make this resolution work for you is by attending the Brain-A-Thon.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that will alter your thinking forever. Get ready to thrive!

Rethink Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year, make it your mission to incorporate resolutions into your life by using a new strategy. Skip the failing step by learning from the mistakes of others and opt for an alternative approach.

Sort Out Your Goals

Write down the resolutions you have for yourself then turn them into goals. Make them specific and realistic considering the time you have available to achieve them.

Next, take each of those goals and create micro-goals from them. These should be small action steps that will get you closer to your bigger goal.

You can make these micro-goals as small as you like—they should be things that are manageable for you and that you believe you can do more easily.

Focus On Incremental Changes

Review your micro-goals for each larger goal and choose one to start with. Give that micro-goal your full attention for the next few weeks or until you feel it has been incorporated into your daily life.

Add a second micro-goal, as you settle into the first one. Continue doing so until all of these small actions are implemented and work together.

The idea behind this is to establish a habit. It takes 60 to 100 days for this to happen, so take it slow—even if it means you are only implementing one micro-goal every two months.

Make It a Habit

Resolutions aren’t supposed to be for a year only. The whole idea behind them is to create a habit that lasts for a lifetime.

At the end of the year, you need to review your resolutions and see how far you’ve come. Adjust your goals to improve even more in the next year and create new micro-goals.

If you haven’t quite reached your goal, then that’s fine, too. You are working toward it, so continue with the plan you made previously.

Change It Up

Instead of going all out with unrealistic resolutions, make it your mission to focus on creating better habits this year. Focus on the process of habit-building more so than the actual resolution.

Once you are a pro at creating and implementing habits, you can conquer any challenge life throws at you. It makes it so much easier to stick to resolutions and adds great value to your life.

The Only Resolution

If we had to suggest a single resolution for you, just one to work on this year, it would be to attend the Brain-A-Thon. The strategies in this article are only the start of great things for you, and the Brain-A-Thon explores the potential of your mind even more.

It’s the one thing that can open more opportunities in your life and supercharge your overall performance. Make it a goal—it only takes one day, so it will be the fastest and easiest one you will ever achieve!

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NeuroGym Team

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