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Here’s How You Can Start a Side Hustle and Make It Work

Author:NeuroGym Team

Tips You Need For Starting Your Side Hustle

Side hustle

More and more people are setting up side hustles. It can be tricky starting out, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get started. With so many to choose from, these tips will help you pick the best one for you! Here’s some food for thought before starting a side hustle.

Side Hustle Tips

You may be eager to begin earning additional income, but before you get going on your side hustle, here are some things to consider about creating your new gig and finding your passion.

Branding and Brand Awareness

You’re going to need to make a name for yourself, so be mindful of branding. Think about the big names you know in various businesses; you easily recognize their logos and what they do. Put some thought into what your new project will be and how you present yourself—and your side hustle—to the world.

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Where and When?

Two important things should be considered when starting a side job: where will you do this side project and when will you fit it in? If you have a full-time job and other commitments, you’ll need to find some time when you’re free to put in the work. You can’t just interrupt your day job or abandon personal relationships! You may need to undertake this on weekends, evenings, or in the early hours. In order to be successful at your main job and your new side hustle, you’ll need a good routine or perhaps you’ll need to adjust your current routine or even create a whole new one to make it work, so be sure to put a lot of thought into it.

Also vital to starting something new is having a good place to do it. It’s important to designate a workspace for yourself and your side project. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been working from home. It’s true that there are benefits and drawbacks to this, but the important thing is that you have a good environment set aside where you can focus.

Don’t Make What You Love Labor

Choosing what you turn into a side hustle is really important. You obviously want it to be something you really enjoy doing and something you love. But there’s a double-edged sword you need to consider when turning something you really like doing into a job.

With work comes stress and mundanity. Be mindful that your side hustle may have an element of boring work life about it. You may have a hobby you absolutely love to do but it’s important to ask, do you want to turn it into a job? Think about it: When it’s a hobby, you’re free to come and go with it at your own pace. However, if it becomes a job, and customers have expectations around it, suddenly, there’s pressure.

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This is a balancing act. You need to find something you love doing but also something you don’t mind turning into work. For example, if after a long day you love to sit back and relax by painting because it’s pressure-free fun that you do for yourself and nobody else, then that’s not the kind of thing to turn into a side hustle; it would destroy your hobby! On the other hand, if you’re skilled at writing, would like to share your work with other people, and don’t mind being given specific topics to write about, then freelance writing is something you could think about taking up.

In short, it’s important to remember that a side hustle will involve boring stuff and other people’s input, so make sure you don’t turn your me time into more work time. The additional income from your side hustle is not worth losing your passion for something you love.

Know the Why

Side hustle

One thing you need to know before getting started is why you are starting a side hustle. People start side projects for a variety of reasons, which differ from individual to individual because different people have different goals, objectives, and inspirations for what they’re doing. It’s important to have the why clear in your mind when setting up something new.

Maybe you’re looking for some additional income on top of your regular job—this could be to help pay the rent, build a holiday fund, or to have a bit of extra spending money. Or maybe you want to change your line of work entirely! A side hustle could be your way of transitioning into something else.

Whatever the reason, you need to be honest with yourself about your motivation. If you’re trying to make this a full-time thing, you need to be really serious about it. If you’re looking for extra income, you only need to take on jobs that pay well. Whatever your reason is, make sure you establish the why and be clear with the people you are working with.

The Right People

Speaking of people, one of the most important decisions you make about starting a side hustle is who you let join you. You may have a lot of great friends, but great friends don’t always equal great coworkers. There’s no point getting friends involved if they’re not as serious about the project as you. Equally, there’s no point working with friends if they try to take over your project. Just because you get on well with someone personally doesn’t mean you’ll work well together, so be cautious about getting close friends involved. This is especially true for romantic partners. It may seem like a fun idea to work with your significant other, but it can also bring added stress to a relationship.

But maybe one of your friends, family members, or your partner is the right person to work with. If that’s the case, you need to ensure you have great communication in your relationship. Research has shown that good communication about work-related stress leads to a higher level of relationship satisfaction. If you’re going to be working with someone you have a personal relationship with, make sure you communicate about the stress involved. And know when to stop! At some point you’ll have to leave work stress at the door and go back to your normal relationship.

If you’re recruiting people you don’t know, choose wisely. Don’t give them too much power or responsibility until you’ve gotten to know them and are confident they can handle it and do the job well. You want to ensure the people you bring on board work well with you and each other and have the right attitude toward the project. Finding the right people is as important as finding your passion.


If you want to start something new to work at, it’s helpful to be good at it and know how to do it. Sure, you might be okay at doing it as a hobby, but if it’s a job you’re hoping will bring in additional income, you need to ensure you have the necessary skills. Continuing education is important in helping you develop personally and professionally. Look into what skills you will need and evaluate what existing skills you can improve and what new skills you need to learn. There may be online resources or books you can read, or even courses in which you can gain knowledge of the area you want to work in. Take stock of what you know and what you need to learn about the area you’re trying to get into. It can also be beneficial to ask someone who currently works in the area you’re trying to get into for advice.

Stick With It!

Remember that your new side hustle will take time to sprout legs and take off. You’ll make mistakes, but more importantly you’ll learn from them. There will be setbacks, but you can get through them. Business may be slow starting out and that can be frustrating, but if you want to do this you’ll have to stick with it and keep working at it. Review your progress and make sure you give yourself a chance before giving up. You may have to make changes along the way, and it might take time to earn money, but keep it up and the work will be worth it!

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Finding Your Passion to Turn Into Additional Income

We’ve established that your side hustle has to be something you’re passionate about. It’s important that you find something you love that you’re happy to turn into a job. But how do you identify your passion? This takes a bit of self-reflection. Get out a journal and write some thoughts on what’s important to you and what you love. What are your values? What makes you happy and what do you fear? What do you consider to be important in your life?

This can be an eye-opening experience, but it’s a really important one. Take your time to think about what kind of things you want in life and how you want to use your time.

Invest in Yourself!

The most important thing you will invest in throughout your whole life is you! Self-care is important for our mental health and quality of life. It may seem selfish, but we all need to focus on ourselves and prioritize our own needs. Doing so has many benefits. We experience less unhealthy stress and generally feel more content. Plus, if we look after ourselves, we can put more effort into our other personal relationships. So remember, when you set up a side hustle, take your time in finding your passion and make sure it’s something which fulfills you personally.


It will take time and effort, but setting up a side hustle will prove to be worth it if you find your passion and go for it! Plus, the additional income will be nice too!

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