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Best Days to Send Email Marketing This Holiday

Author:NeuroGym Team

What is your email marketing strategy for the holidays?

Yes, you need to send emails to your customers throughout the holidays so that they think of you first when they start doing holiday shopping.

It’s the ideal time to capture the attention of your loyal readers, but you have to do it right.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email has been around for decades, and despite changing market trends, it remains one of the best and cheapest marketing methods available.

It’s a crucial part of your strategy since all marketing efforts should aim to get potential customers’ contact details. That way, you have their permission to make contact and a captive audience to convert.

Reminds Customers of Your Business

Customers signed up to your subscriber list because they want to know what is happening in your business. They want information about new products, promotions, and upcoming events.

Every email is an opportunity to connect with your customer. It’s a chance to spark their memories about your business and keep your brand at the top of their minds.

Maximizes Sales

Every time a reader opens an email, there is the potential for them to click through to your website and make a purchase.

Emails spark sales because you remind customers about something they wanted to buy, especially if you have marketed the product or service to them before.

Website visits and sales rates spike soon after newsletters are sent which makes this low-cost marketing tool essential for your business.

Reach Many People Quickly

When you send emails, you can click one button and reach thousands of subscribers instantly. It can be challenging to manage this many emails, and you still want each reader to feel as if the email is addressed to them personally.

Email platforms like HubSpot and Mailchimp make this whole process much easier. You can schedule newsletters in advance and personalize the title line with each reader’s name.

Send Christmas Mailers

With Christmas upon us, you cannot wait to plan your newsletter any longer. The open rates for emails are much higher in the week leading up to Christmas with the most holiday shopping happening the Saturday before Christmas Day.

Readers open fewer emails from December 22nd, and very few people look at emails from Christmas Eve. Get your emails out sooner and remind customers about the products they need before this time.

The days following Christmas are slow email days because people are still socializing and don’t pay attention to their inbox. If you do want to make contact, then December 28th or 29th is a better option, so it could be a good time to let customers know how they can exchange any unwanted Christmas gifts or revel in what the past year has meant to your business.

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Emails for the New Year

The holiday spirit is at work as one year ends and the next one starts, so people aren’t opening their emails. When they get back to work, there is a full mailbox waiting for them, so promotional emails are left at the bottom of the pile.

It’s best to wait until at least January 5th before sending any emails to customers (yes, that includes the “Happy New Year” one). This way, you aren’t competing with as many other emails.

If you want to miss that peak entirely, then it’s best to communicate with subscribers after January 12th. It might seem quite a long wait, but by this time, your readers are settled back into their work routine and more likely to pay attention to your emails.

Plan Your Newsletters for 2022

Before 2022 even starts, you should already be thinking about your email campaigns. Get into the action early rather than leaving everything to the last minute.

Create an Email Content Schedule

A content schedule can help you plan exactly what you are going to say to readers and gives you time to write the email and add any graphics. The content calendar acts as a guide, and it can still change, especially if new information becomes available.

Get a blank calendar and add in any special days that your company achieves higher-than-average sales. You could even decide to make your own marketing campaign in quiet periods.

Write down the days and times you will send emails. Explain the contents of the email and any action points to get done ahead of time.

Get the Timing Right

There are such things as good and bad times to send emails. People sleep through the night, so 3 a.m. isn’t ideal, but 8 a.m. isn’t either, as they just got to work, and by 8 p.m., they are winding down for the day. The same goes for weekends—readers aren’t paying as much attention.

Statistically, the best time to send an email is on a Tuesday, although Wednesday and Thursday are okay, too. By Friday, people become disinterested.

Schedule emails to be sent between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., as this is when readers are most likely to have a bit of time to check their email. Similarly, some readers open their mailboxes at about 6 p.m., as they are done with their workday.

Email Is Just One Part

Sending emails should be part of a bigger marketing and business strategy. Join us this weekend at  9 a.m. where John Assaraf shares the brain tips to get you to your first million faster.

Holiday Emails for the Rest of the Year

The holidays don’t stop after New Year’s. You need to plan for all the other events throughout the year—think Valentine’s Day, religious periods, Memorial Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Your readers want to hear from you at these times, too!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

These three days are a triple whammy of potential sales. Start advertising your offerings specific to these days in advance; as early as October is already fine because it gives customers time to plan their budget and purchases.

Fewer people read emails from Thanksgiving Eve, so send the last emails in the five days leading up to Thanksgiving. Follow this with an email just before Cyber Monday to remind customers of your promotions.

Other Holidays

Use a calendar, and search the Internet for any days that could be important marketing periods for your business. Generally speaking, the seven working days before the actual holiday are the best time to send promotional emails to customers.

Plan your emails as best possible, and theme them according to the holidays so that customers want to open them. The tips in the next section will help you to craft a newsletter that is difficult to resist.

Make Your Emails Stand Out

There are emails, and then, there are remarkable emails that your readers can’t forget. The same is true of every aspect of business, so everything, including your emails, should be standouts.

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Top Tips for Email Campaigns

Some emails are opened instantly while others are left in the inbox and eventually get deleted without as much as a glance. You want your readers to read every single email, so here are some tips to get your campaign right.

Make the Subject Line Irresistible

The first thing a reader sees is the subject line. It’s the one sentence that flashes across their notifications along with your company’s name.

Put effort into coming up with an attention-grabbing subject line that makes a subscriber open their email on the spot.

Preempt Questions

Customers have questions, and they want to get answers easily. Think about any questions your customers might have about the holiday gifting season, and add that information into the email as well as your website.

Include information like when the last day for ordering is to ensure delivery and whether the product can be exchanged. Clearly state what delivery costs are and if you deliver to their area.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Many people don’t know what to get their loved ones, so make it easy for them by suggesting gifts for their spouse, children, and parents. Other categories could include unisex gifts, products by age group, or gifts within a specific price range.

Give consumers a glimpse into this gift guide by featuring some products in the email or as an infographic, then let them click through to a dedicated webpage with the same categories for faster shopping.

Capitalize on Last-Minute Shopping

There are always people who need to do last-minute shopping or still want a certain product at a better price.

Send newsletters with last-minute deals to your subscribers. Let them know that they can get these items for “one day only” or something similar to inspire immediate purchasing.

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