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6 Biggest Fears to Overcome if You Want to Be Successful

Author: NeuroGym Team | 2021

What is your biggest fear?

It’s okay to be scared of something—most people are, but how you manage your fears is more important.

When confronted with your fear, a fight-or-flight response is normal. You can get a head start on these reactions by knowing what you are afraid of and why you feel this way.

Let’s take a look at six fears that could be blocking your success. Once you know about them, you can take the necessary steps to regain control.

Fear of Change

Some people fear change and uncertainty. They don't want things to change or become scared when confronted with a situation that has uncertain outcomes.

The problem with resistance to change is that you struggle to identify and seize opportunities when they present themselves. You could miss out on an event that can alter your life for the better.


Get More Information

Overcome uncertainty by searching for information on what is bugging you. It’s impossible to always have every detail, but it helps to get a basic understanding of the factors at play.

Write down what you know for certain, and evaluate the pros and cons if things had to go either negatively or positively. You might find the situation is favorable after all.

As you get deeper into the circumstances, new information will reveal itself. Use it to rethink your previous assumptions, get closer to the bigger picture, and embrace the change.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset can change your thinking and attitude toward uncertainty and obstacles. It teaches you to embrace the unknown in pursuit of a better future.

With a growth mindset, you preserve despite tough circumstances and consider effort as part of the journey. You use criticism as motivation and find inspiration everywhere. This change in mindset allows you to utilize the full potential of your brain.

Fear of Failure


What do you want to achieve in life? We are sure you have goals and dreams for your personal and professional life.

Sometimes, you might feel that you are comfortable where you are at and would prefer it to stay that way rather than taking a risk at a better life. It comes down to a fear of failure: You don’t want to fail, so you do nothing. This attitude won’t get you anywhere.

Make a Plan

Failure is more likely to occur if you do things blindly. You need a plan and have to anticipate potential issues before you put all your effort into an activity.

Start by setting goals for yourself. Next, break this goal into smaller milestones that contain steps and processes to reach them. Take action daily so that you can work toward your goal steadily.

Welcome Failure

Along the way, you are bound to face some setbacks or failures. Don’t let them get the better of you.

Investigate why you failed and identify the errors you made along the way. Use it as a lesson in what not to do. Think of ways that you can change the situation, your reactions, or your efforts so that you can chase success.

Understand Your Fight-Or-Flight Reaction

Your reaction to fear is ingrained in your mind. It has formed over many years and become automatic—even if some of these fears are only in your mind and not present in your current reality.

Learn how to win the game of fear by signing up for our free training. It will teach you how to conquer your fears so that you can thrive in uncertainty.

Fear of Confrontation


Getting into a heated argument or telling someone how you truly feel can make you nervous even before you even get face-to-face with the person. You cannot ignore these situations or hope they go away—you have to take action; otherwise, it will eat at your self-esteem and make the relationship hostile.

Do Some Introspection

A confrontation doesn’t always have to happen. Take some time to think about the circumstances, your previous behaviors, and how you would like the situation to change. You might realize it’s not such a big deal after all.

Consider the events from the other party’s perspective. It could help you to understand where they are coming from and why they acted in a certain way. The other person might not even know there is a problem.

As you think about things, you could decide to let go of some pent-up feelings because they aren’t warranted. You could come to the conclusion that there are areas of yourself you need to work on before addressing the problem with the other party.

Tackle the Real Issues

If you come to the conclusion that you have to address a problem with someone, then you need to take action. You cannot let emotions fester and take over your life or ruin a relationship.

Set time aside to talk to the other person. Tell them how you feel and why you feel this way. Allow them time to process the information and respond.

Remember: You have thought about this for some time, but they haven’t, so give them time and space to think about it on their own. Listen to what the other person has to say and come up with a plan together to move forward.

Fear of Embarrassment

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Embarrassing moments can be reason enough to stop you from chasing your dreams. It shouldn’t be stopping you, though. Sure, you might feel like you can’t save face, but many times, the actual event isn’t that bad at all—even if it feels that way in the moment.

Consider the Worst-Case Scenario

One way to overcome a fear of embarrassment is to act out the worst-case scenario in your mind. Think about an embarrassing situation which you are worried about and its repercussions.

It might not be such a big deal after all. Consider how you would act in the situation and what you could do to rectify or avoid it.

Determine How Realistic It Is

Most of the time, embarrassing moments live in our minds, and the chances of them happening are very slim. Determine the likelihood of your situation happening.

If it’s highly unlikely, then stop worrying about it. If it is highly likely, then create a plan to deal with it.

Don’t Let Mental Fear Rule

Being scared of embarrassment is a fear that takes hold before the situation has happened. It’s a mental fear, but you don’t have to give it control.

Sign up for our Winning the Game of Fear training and find out how you can change your brain to change your life. It will set you free.

Fear of Financial Ruin


Many people are afraid of losing money or becoming bankrupt. If you are scared of financial ruin, then you are also preventing financial gains. It’s not an ideal situation because you need to move forward instead of being stagnant.

Know Your Worth

To make more money, you have to know your worth. You are a knowledgeable person with amazing capabilities and talents that set you apart from the crowd.

By understanding your own abilities, you can start looking for ways to increase your worth. It gives you the power to charge what you should for your services without feeling bad about it.

Millionaire Mindset

Mindset is crucial in business and money matters. The millionaire mindset is one where you understand your worth, use your skills, and create a plan to attract abundance.

With this mindset, you have a personal relationship with money, and you value yourself. It allows you to think entirely differently about money, and you start to find ways to improve yourself so that you can increase your worth.

Fear of Isolation

The pandemic has forced all of us to spend more time alone. Even if you are with family, it can still be lonely without your colleagues, customers, and friends. You could fear and dread being alone more than anything else.

Get Comfortable With Yourself

It can be tough to be in your own company without the support of others. You need to learn to love yourself and be comfortable on your own.

Build up your self-esteem and strengthen your inner relationship by focusing on the positives of your personality. Spend time doing the things you love, establish healthy habits, and focus on self-improvement.

Build Relationships

Even though you are connecting with people over video calls, phone, and email, you can still strengthen your relationships with other people. It is a crucial thing to do until you can be in physical contact with them again, and it will leave you feeling like you are achieving something more.

Focus on keeping in touch and checking in with the people you care about. Establish rapport with colleagues and clients, and respond promptly to any business-related communication. All of these activities allow you to be comfortable with yourself while fostering a sense of community.

Overcome Your Biggest Fears

You don’t have to fight your fears alone. It might be easier to do it with help from professionals who have proven strategies to conquer fear.

The Winning the Game of Fear training was designed with this in mind. Join us as we explore how to overcome fear by harnessing the power of your brain.

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