Your Guide to Understanding Money So You Can Make More of It

Author: John Assaraf | 2019

What's your current understanding of money? For the most part, it's just paper, right? But what else is it?

Money is energy. And it's an exchange of energy that's tied up in complicated emotion and systems of belief.

Ready to learn more about what money is exactly? Once you understand money, you'll be able to make more of it. Find out what you're missing . . .

The initial concept around money was just a means of exchange to help each other out. Back in the day, once people stopped being nomadic, they started to trade with livestock, shells, grains, and other items such as cacao/chocolate. And as tribes moved further and further away from each other, coins were developed as a means of exchange.

You may notice that your money story shows up in the decisions you make every day.

You have your own money story, which tells you something very real about what you’re currently earning and saving.  

I learned many, many years ago to do something a little bit differently than most people. Most people look at what they've done in the past in order to make decisions. They look at their education, knowledge, skills, circumstance, and the amount of money they have in the bank, and make decisions about what they can do today, in a month, next week, or in six months . . .

They’re allowing their present circumstances and personal money story dictate their current behavior and future behavior. What if you change that? What if you could suddenly begin to make more money?

Instead of looking at your current resources: Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, why not figure out what you want to achieve . . . and then create the story to make your goals a reality.

In this video, I'll teach you how to understand money so you can earn boatloads of it.


What's next?

Ready to release your limiting beliefs about money and start earning a bunch of money instead? When you reset your brain's financial thermostat for a healthier money mindset, you can double or triple your income!

If you're ready to shift your money paradigm and mindset and learn how to earn more money . . . download the free "Re-write Your Money Story" worksheet to kickstart your path to a millionaire mindset. 


This simple 4-step exercise will teach you how to release your limiting beliefs and disempowering, thoughts, emotions, and habits. Stop living on the edge of your financial potential and start earning what you deserve!

 And read our Winning the Game of Money success stories on the blog. 

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