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Top 10 Business & Entrepreneur Blogs To Keep an Eye On

Author: NeuroGym Team | 2021

Across the world, hundreds of entrepreneurs have made their fortunes and now want to share their lessons with you!

Business blogs are some of the best resources that these individuals make available to you and give you insight into their success.

We have rounded up 10 of the best blogs for you to follow, so you don’t even have to wade through the masses yourself.

Are you ready to learn from some of the best?

Let’s begin the countdown to number one!

Entrepreneurs to Follow

Every business idea starts in someone's mind when they see a gap in the market or have a special skill to share with the public. Below, we explore five entrepreneurs to follow closely for in-depth business insights.

10. John Lee Dumas

Changing careers is nothing new—more and more people are making a career shift because they are unhappy about their current work life. This sentiment probably applies to most entrepreneurs and definitely applied to John Lee Dumas.

Dumas had been a soldier for several years but had an entrepreneurial spirit. After changing to the real estate industry, Duma’s friend introduced him to several blogs and podcasts. This inspired Dumas to begin his own podcast.

Dumas hosts Entrepreneurs on Fire and releases new content daily. Listen to the podcast to hear interviews with top global entrepreneurs who share their knowledge.

9. Brené Brown

Entrepreneurs need loads of courage to start and continue their ventures. Along the way, they are vulnerable and don’t always know if they are on the right track. If this sounds like you, then Brené Brown’s blog and podcasts—Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead—are ones you should definitely peruse.

Brown is a research professor who uses storytelling to enlighten entrepreneurs about real issues they face in business. Her training focuses on cultivating brave, authentic, and genuine leaders. Having empathy is a big part of Brown’s teachings—something every entrepreneur needs.

Tune into Brown’s podcasts and read her blog for unique insights and a different perspective on entrepreneurship. Be inspired by her ideas and get motivated by being your authentic self.

8. Tim Ferriss

As an online entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss has made a name for himself as an author, lifestyle visionary, and podcaster. Ferriss has authored five #1 books on The New York Times Best Seller List and hosts The Tim Ferriss Show—a podcast with more than 400 million downloads.

Ferris made a name for himself as an early-stage investor in the technology industry. Investing in Facebook, Uber, Alibaba, and more than 50 other start-ups have made Ferris his fortunes.

On his blog and podcast, Ferris shares lifestyle advice, discusses his mentors, and provides entrepreneurial advice. Ferris also interviews other prominent business people to understand what makes them tick. Try out one of the challenges on his blog or dive into some fun topics like dance or rockstar living for relaxed reading.

P.S. Opportunity Comes Knocking

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7. Natalie Sisson

After couch-surfing for several months, Natalie Sisson decided to take control of her future and became an entrepreneur. Sisson didn’t want to give up traveling or having fun, but her seriousness about life became clear when she made her personal and professional visions known publicly with the goal of achieving them within three years.

Within 12 months, Sisson had achieved her vision and currently operates a six-figure business. As an author and life coach, Sisson trains women to become successful entrepreneurs and shares her thoughts on her blog, Suitcase Entrepreneur.

6. Mark Cuban

Imagine selling garbage bags door-to-door then building your empire one piece at a time. Well, that’s exactly what Mark Cuban did. Today, he is worth more than $4.1 billion.

Cuban has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Besides selling garbage bags, he also went door-to-door selling stamps as a child and offered disco lessons to people in his neighborhood. These endeavors allowed him to pay for university.

After getting fired for making a $15,000 sale when he should have been cleaning a store, Cuban decided to start his own business. Cuban found several digital and broadcasting ventures over the years which allowed him to build his fortunes.

Today, Cuban invests in other companies and features on the show Shark Tank. He also owns the basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks. Check out his blog for all kinds of advice.

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Business Blogs to Read

Five down—five to go! In this section, we consider blogs hosted by businesses that share interesting and unique perspectives on entrepreneurship. Many of these businesses are industry listeners, so listen up because you might learn more than you expect.

5. Small Business Success

At the head of this organization is Anita Campbell who still contributes to the business’ blog occasionally. After training as a lawyer, Campbell realized that many current and aspiring entrepreneurs needed loads of guidance. Campbell also knew that many business forums focused on large companies, but she wanted to assist small business owners.

If this sounds like you, then visit the blog today for advice and tips on all aspects of your business from marketing to technology and management to finance. The blog articles provide rich insights and strategies to improve your business. A bunch of resources are available on the blog for your use.

4. Youpreneur

The most influential resource in your business is you—this is something that Chris Ducker, CEO of Youpreneur realized after burning out in a fast-paced job. Ducker now shares this knowledge with entrepreneurs across the globe and is a virtual CEO working only six hours daily.

Explore the Youpreneur blog and learn how to put YOU back into your business. It teaches you how to create an organizational vision and emphasizes adding your personality into your business operations. You can use your personal brand to establish a profitable venture if you have the right tools.

Youpreneur covers all kinds of business content from leadership to marketing. Visit their blog and be inspired through your own abilities.

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3. HubSpot

HubSpot has some of the best and well-researched business content available on its blog. With a focus on marketing, entrepreneurs can get a wealth of information on how to market their business successfully.

Building a brand is essential for any business, and HubSpot knows this which is why their content is so useful. HubSpot has several guides to improve your marketing strategy and even features articles that teach you how to write a blog. One day, you might feature on a list like this one!

HubSpot also focuses on aspects like sales, service, and website design. It is a single place where you can learn how to take your business online and construct your own website so that you can earn even more income.

2. Foundr

Foundr is one of the best websites to use when you are just planning your business idea, but the blog also contains a wealth of information for advancing your venture. It features articles from founders who became millionaires, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as they did; instead, you can learn from them.

The Foundr blog takes it a step further, as they turn their blogs into courses, have a monthly magazine, and host several podcasts. It’s an all-in-one resource for anyone who wants to strengthen their entrepreneurial knowledge. Peruse their different guides, make use of the free training they have available, and learn from some of the best in the business.

1. NeuroGym

The number one position, of course, belongs to NeuroGym!

If you haven’t checked out all the blog articles yet, then browse through them today. There will be something that catches your attention. As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from the articles on money, goal achievement, neuroscience, and Innercise™.

The articles on the NeuroGym blog also focus on your personal life and growth. What makes NeuroGym different is its focus on achieving success by harnessing the power of your mind.

While you browse the articles, have a peek at the training they have available. The free training focuses on conquering fear, losing weight, and doing business better. Do one, or do all of them—they are all valuable.

One Last Thing

NeuroGym wants to give you a head start in business and created the Business Breakthrough Challenge for this exact reason. Sign up today and get five days of live coaching with John Assaraf as well as access to his personal treasure trove of resources. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

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