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How to Build Confidence to Fuel Entrepreneurship

Author:NeuroGym Team

10 Methods to Build Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is tough!

You have to invest your time, skills, expertise, and money into your business. Along the way, it’s normal to have self-doubt. You might feel that you have no value in the marketplace or that your self-worth is decreasing drastically.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You need to build your confidence, recognize your worth, and let other people know how you can add value to their lives.

We’ve gathered 10 ways to help you do this. Work on one idea at a time, or try several together, and watch your self-esteem improve.

1. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress can wreak havoc on your success. It can lead to procrastination, anxiety, depression, and a bunch of other issues.

Your body also reacts with fight, flight, or freeze responses. You want to react in a way that’s constructive and will get you closer to your goal, but that’s not always possible when you’re stressed.

Being stressed may lead to making poor decisions too because you aren’t thinking rationally. Impulsive decisions can occur which may require extra steps to fix if you make the wrong choice.

Combat stress by living a healthy lifestyle, thinking positively, and using relaxation techniques.

Build confidence

2. Improve Your Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience refers to your ability to bounce back after experiencing failures or setbacks. When you have low self-esteem, you may struggle with resilience because you feel that you are always failing.

Every entrepreneur experiences failure so you have to be able to overcome it. The more you can improve your resilience, the more you will build confidence in your abilities.

There are many ways you can become more resilient. Practice mindfulness, become more self-aware, and accept that you aren’t perfect. Keep a journal and write down how you overcame past challenges and determine how you can use those strategies to do better in your current circumstances.

It may take time to get over setbacks, so be gracious with yourself. Take time to do something you love, clear your mind of negative thoughts, and find positive ways to move forward.

3. Find Meaning in Something Greater Than Yourself

A solid belief in something bigger than yourself can build confidence. It could be religious beliefs, meditation, spending time in nature, or whatever connects your spirit to something greater.

When you engage in spiritual practices, you allow yourself to find meaning in a bigger purpose and that can motivate you to continue with your entrepreneurial journey.

It could be taking time out to pray, engaging in mindfulness, or writing in a journal. Find something that works for you and make a habit of doing that activity frequently.

Improve Your Self-Esteem With Knowledge

The more you learn, the more you will build confidence. Applying lessons from books, courses, and webinars increases your knowledge and that will have an effect on your entrepreneurial skills.

One of the best books on being an entrepreneur and building your wealth is Think and Become Rich by John Assaraf. Access it for free today!

4. Create a Support Network

Entrepreneurs frequently set out to do things on their own. They think they have to safeguard their business from outside forces and competitors. Although this idea is noble, you will need the support of other people along the way.

It’s vital that you develop a network that can support you on a daily basis. Doing so will build confidence and improve your self-esteem as you learn new business strategies and realize that other people believe in your abilities.

Your closest network will probably consist of family and friends, but you should expand this to include industry professionals, business advisors, and other entrepreneurs.

Sign up for meetings with local business networks or support groups. Expand your connections on LinkedIn and meet up with those who can share their insights. Turn to online business support groups. Attend industry conferences and events where you can learn more about the latest developments and meet new people.

5. Celebrate Your Unique Abilities

Build confidence

You have a unique set of talents and abilities that led you to become an entrepreneur. It’s these talents that build confidence in your ability to run a successful business.

Sometimes, you may forget about the skills that led you to this point in your life. You may lose touch with your talents, but these are actually skills you should exploit as they can improve your self-esteem, help you overcome challenges, and enhance your self-awareness.

A personality test can help you identify your top strengths and weaknesses. Use the results from these tests to help you make better decisions, identify which weaknesses to work on, and assist with using your strengths to your advantage.

6. Hire Experts

After doing a personality test (or just being self-aware), you may realize that it’s easier to hire people that complement your skillset. This is particularly useful to fill in the gaps left by your weaknesses or if you have a lack of knowledge about a specific business activity.

Build a team that believes in the vision you have for your business and work together to achieve its goals. If you can’t afford to hire someone full-time, then consider outsourcing the specific activity or get an expert to guide you on the best way forward.

7. Consult a Mentor

If you want to build confidence rapidly, then you have to find a mentor. A mentor will support you throughout every decision, and they can provide you with thought-provoking insights to help you make better decisions.

Mentors offer advice, motivate you, and assist you whenever you need them. Ideally, you should meet with your mentor frequently instead of only when you feel uncertain about something. A mentor is a great person to talk to about new ideas you have for your business, even before introducing these ideas to the rest of your team.

Identify a successful businessperson in your local community or industry and contact them about becoming your mentor.

Think Differently to Build Confidence

Before we get to the last three ways to build confidence, we need to state the obvious: What you think of yourself ultimately determines your success. It’s as simple as that. If you think you can, you will, but if you think you can’t, you won’t.

Find out how you can think and become rich by gaining insights from John Assaraf, someone who has built his wealth and success by thinking differently.

8. Become More Knowledgeable

Entrepreneurs must commit to learning continuously. The more you know about business, the industry, and the latest trends, the better the chances of success because you can adapt according to market changes.

Build confidence by expanding your knowledge through learning. It could be to read business books, watch videos, attend seminars, or whatever else you can think of.

The most important part is that you learn something. It will put you in a position to share this knowledge with your team and customers—and that’s powerful! The people around you will consider you an expert, which will do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

9. Learn From Calculated Risks

It’s no secret that you have to take risks if you want to get rewards. Unfortunately, risks come with the possibility of failure. The idea of failing can scare you so much that you decide not to try something new at all.

When it comes to your business, you have to take some risks, but make them calculated ones. Weigh the pros and cons of various scenarios, come up with contingency plans, and then commit to giving it your all.

The reward from taking a risk can be just what you need to build confidence in your abilities and potential for success. The risk can also backfire and result in unwanted outcomes, but that doesn’t mean you should quit or not give it your full effort. Learn from these situations and use them to make better decisions in the future.

10. Celebrate Success

Finally, you need to celebrate when you are successful. It could be with a specific project, obtaining a new client, or reaching a big goal. No matter the size of your achievement,  celebrate it!

You can also use these achievements to motivate you in the future. Whenever you feel demotivated or like you can’t succeed, think back to your previous successes, conjure up the feelings of that day, and use them as motivation to complete your tasks.

Share your successes with your support network, family, friends, and the local community. Get your customers in on the action, thank them for their support, and let your team celebrate with you.

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

The biggest secret to building wealth is by using your brain!

Neuroscientists and top brain experts have done the research for years, and they know that the only thing that can affect your ability to build confidence and succeed is to change your thinking.

In his book, Think and Become Rich, John Assaraf explains mental strategies to change your thinking. It will change your life, so download your free copy as soon as possible!

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