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How Being Self-Motivated Opens Doors of Opportunity

Author: NeuroGym Team | 2017

You might not know it, but with every step forward, new opportunities open up. Just because you can’t see them yet doesn’t mean they aren’t headed your way . . . 

Step confidently into your day today.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung used the word synchronicity to describe meaningful coincidences that people sometimes experience when they're in-tune and motivated to do what’s necessary to create a successful life.

Dr. Jung views these “coincidences” or opportunities as occurrences without cause—except when we’re able to tap into the genius part of our brain . . . and use our creative consciousness to co-create with the universe, right?

Deepak Chopra has a similar perspective and describes synchronic events as opportunities to move into a state of expanded awareness, which increases your intuitive ability . . . and gets you what you want at the same time.  

doors of opportunity

This aspect of synchronicity fits nicely with Bell’s Theorem and Alain Aspect’s (a French physicist known for his experimental work on quantum entanglement) experiment of proving nonlocal realism. Aspect explains: “Synchronistic phenomena prove the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful equivalences in heterogeneous, causally unrelated processes . . .”  

In other words, they reveal to us that the way we perceive things and set intentions in our minds (our mindset), can be represented by unfavorable outcomes or full blown opportunities, without any apparent connection except that “the psyche cannot be localized in time . . . or that space is relative to the psyche” (The Portable Jung).

Since psyche and matter are contained in one and the same world and moreover are in continuance, transcendent factors, it is not only possible but fairly probable, even, that psyche and matter are two different aspects of one and the same thing.  

Carl Jung   

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