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Top Social Media Trends for your Small Business

Author:NeuroGym Team

What social media trends are you familiar with?

We aren’t talking about trends that users engage in, as there are plenty of those anyway. We are talking about those trends that are essential for entrepreneurs to know about.

Sure, these trends are informed by the general public, but they can be grouped into larger categories of behavior. Once you know about these behaviors, you can tap into trends and exploit them to the benefit of your business.

Let’s have a look at three of the biggest trends right now and explore how you can make the most of the opportunities they present.

Human Qualities Get More Interactions

Your customers are humans. Your company is run by humans, yet this human quality frequently gets lost in translation on social media.

Consumers are no longer accepting this situation. They demand that brands become human and provide personalized experiences on social media.

Customers expect seamless interactions with their favorite brands. It’s important for your business, too because it creates an opportunity to convert fans into customers.

The Conversation

Social conversations occur on every platform. You are talking to your customer in some way, but they want to be part of the conversation. They want to feel like part of your community.

When social media users browse the platforms, 32% of them are searching for entertaining content or something that tickles their sense of humor.

Unfortunately, 68% of users feel that most companies don’t have interesting content. It’s a huge market that many are missing out on—are you?

Social media content is more important than you may think. It can even affect your business’s bottom line: Not surprisingly, 32% of Americans say they would rather support companies that share comforting and positive information on social media.

Add Human Qualities to Your Small Business

Does your business have social media accounts that are personable and interesting, or are they boring and cold?

You have to focus on adding personality to your accounts. Followers want to experience your brand as if it were a person—not a machine.

Imagine your company and brands as people. Create identities for them; figure out how they would speak and interact; and give them personalities that appeal to consumers. Translate this personality to the brand’s social media account.

Share content that fits with this personality, and encourage followers to interact with your brand. Respond to their comments and questions on posts, take part in challenges, and communicate via the messaging services available on the platforms.

In Conversation With John Assaraf

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Video Content Continues to Grow

Most people love to watch videos in their free time. Videos are so popular that many social networks now have a section dedicated specifically to this content; TikTok managed to create a whole platform dedicated to video content alone.

Your business needs to tap into this ongoing trend!

The Statistics

The strong affinity for videos continues to grow, and there is no end to them in sight. Consumers are watching videos for entertainment, to learn things, and to get more information about the brands they love.

YouTube remains the most popular social media platform. Four times more people would watch YouTube rather than browsing through a platform without videos. A tremendous 68% of people refer to YouTube videos before they decide to purchase a specific product.

Video advertisements on social media are paying off. Almost 85% of users purchase a product or service after watching a single video made available by a brand. Interestingly, just over half of social media users want these videos to be packed with information lasting between three and six minutes.

Tips for Social Media Marketing via Video

Is your business making use of video content on social media?

It definitely should be because it will get the attention of your audience!

Speaking of attention, the average person only has an eight-second attention span, so your videos have to be interesting from the first second.

Keep videos short and sweet. Pack them full of the information that customers will want to know about your company, brand, product, or service. Don’t add too many topics in one video; instead, make several shorter videos that each captures your consumer’s attention anew.

Ensure all your video content agrees with your brand identity. Use similar colors to your logo and add it to the screen. Add some fitting music, and remember a call to action for every video.

Join Us Virtually

Here at NeuroGym, we love using videos. It adds a whole new level to our interactions—so much so that all our training occurs through video.

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Baby Boomers Embrace Digitization

Individuals who are older than 55 were previously considered to be less technologically savvy, so digital marketing tended to ignore this market segment. Baby boomers are individuals born from 1946 to 1964.

The situation has changed entirely in recent years, and baby boomers are using digital technologies much more. You can no longer ignore this group on social media.

The Proof

Why should you pay attention to baby boomers? Well, they make up a huge part of American consumers, and they are spending money.

Almost half of the adult American population are older than 50 with 20% of all American citizens falling into the age bracket of baby boomers. If you do the math, it equates to 71.6 million potential customers.

It’s a huge market!

Surprisingly, 70% of baby boomers made an online purchase in the last month. They are definitely embracing the digital market.

Baby boomers continuously explore social media, too. In the past four years, there has been a 66% increase in baby boomers using social media to discover new products.

Targeting Baby Boomers

Your digital marketing strategy has to include a way to target baby boomers, especially if they are part of your frequent customers. They engage with your brand just as any other customer would, so think about how you can adapt your current campaigns to include this segment.

Consider how your products and services can be useful to baby boomers, and market them in that way. Everyone needs to eat, socialize, and stay healthy, so it’s not like you are reinventing the wheel.

Change your imagery and videos to include individuals in this demographic, and portray them as part of your brand. Remember to include them in your social media ads, especially sponsored ads. You could even consider a specialized ad campaign for this market alone.

Increase Your Sales

Every small business wants to increase their revenue and grow over the years. To do this, you need to target your customers, including baby boomers, in ways they find appealing.

John Assaraf will show you exactly how to do this during the Business Breakthrough Challenge. Find out how you can use neuro-sales for every single one of your target customers.

Use Social Media Trends to Your Advantage

Social media marketing should be an integral part of the marketing efforts of your business. The trends speak for themselves and prove that social media is powerful and here to stay.

It’s time to review your social media strategy and get more out of it. Even if you already have a strong presence among consumers, there is always room for improvement. If you haven’t done so already, start leveraging social media for leads and conversions.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Your brands don’t have to be present on every social platform available. It’s unnecessary, and there’s no guarantee that your target market is using all of the platforms.

Select a few platforms where you can reach your customers easily, and put all your effort into the ones you choose. Ensure they fit into your brand personality (LINK to “differences between building a business and building a brand”). Create content that is suitable for the specific platform.

Spy on Your Competitors

Your competitors partake in the same market as you do, so have a peek at their social media accounts. Look for content with high engagement, and determine how you can replicate their strategy in a way that is unique to your business.

Integrate E-commerce Into Social Media

Users of social media don’t always need a separate website for online purchases—they are perfectly okay making use of a store on your social media pages.

Build a social media store for your customers so that they can buy your products and services more easily. Just remember to respond quickly and answer any questions they may have.

Listen to Your Customers

Your social media followers will interact with you and tell you what they want. They will tag you in posts, ask questions, or make requests to see if you will play along.

Listen to what your customers are requesting, and respond in a way that aligns with your brand personality. It makes it much easier to bring in the human component and help promote your small business.

Get Into the Minds of Your Customers

The brain is a powerful tool that you can use to change your life. Knowing the secrets to the brain also allows you to tap into the minds of customers and social media users.

Learn about all these concepts at the Business Breakthrough Challenge. Then, use these profound strategies to take your business to the next level by using neuroscience.

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