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Innercise: What's Your Hidden Health Identity?

Author: NeuroGym Team | October 13, 2016

If I told you to close your eyes and picture yourself, what would you see?

Would you imagine a fit body? A fat body? Yourself now? Yourself at your ideal weight and composition?

The answer to this question is important for determining how successful you will be at achieving your weight loss goals.

If you can’t see yourself fit, how do you expect to be fit?

This is about more than just visualization…

Have you ever asked yourself why you have so much resistance to eating healthy, and avoiding junk food? Why is it such a struggle to make healthy choices?

The answer has to do with your health set point...

How Does Your Brain See You?

The brain is a remarkable machine. Because it’s so remarkable, it takes up a lot of energy. Luckily, it’s always in “power save mode.” Rather than use the slow processes, like methodical, rational thinking, your brain automates anything it can. You don’t have to think about breathing, or use deliberate effort each time you tie a pair of shoes.

In order for your brain to make decisions quickly, it has to have some guidelines. It relies on memories, knowledge, and past experiences, to create habits. Your patterns of habits and preferences then accumulate to form an “identity.”

If you’re in the habit of overeating, or eating unhealthy foods, you’ve built those practices into your health identity. To change your results, you have to change your habits and behaviors. To do that, you have to go a little deeper into your health beliefs and your health set point.

This Innercise was designed to help you figure out what your health identity is. Once you know what your limiting beliefs are in regards to your health, you can start overcoming them. This will lead to behavior, and indeed weight changes -- without the tears and guilt.

So get to a quiet spot, and when you’re ready, go through the following steps.

Innercise: Discover Your Hidden Health Identity

  1. Take 6 long, slow, deep breaths. Get yourself into a comfortable, relaxed state. (You’ll be more receptive to new ideas when you're nice and comfortable)
  2. Go down the following list of affirmations, and read each one out loud slowly, and deliberately. Notice how each affirmation makes you feel -- pay special attention to the ones that evoke the most resistance.
    1. I love focusing on my health, and how it makes me feel.
    2. I deserve to be healthy and in shape.
    3. I have an abundance of energy throughout the day.
    4. I love myself, and give myself permission to release the weight that’s no longer serving me.
    5. Food is fuel, and I give my body the best sources of fuel available to me.
    6. I am so happy and grateful that I am becoming the healthiest version of myself.
    7. I am confident in my abilities to reach my goal weight.
    8. Moving my body is so much fun for me.
    9. I feel so good when I know I’m eating foods that are healthy for me.
    10. I have all the power within me, right now, to reach my ideal body.
  3. Once you’ve gone through the list, note which affirmations did, and did NOT resonate with you -- that’s a big clue into your nonconscious health identity.

Did you feel yourself agreeing that you deserve it? Resisting the idea that you have the necessary knowledge and skills? Once you illuminate those limiting background beliefs, you can start to question them. 

The path to a healthy body starts with a healthy self image, and a healthy relationship with food. You can sign up for Zumba classes all you want, but until you respect your body, and treat food as fuel, you'll still feel some resistance along your weight loss journey. 

Innercises like this one get to the source of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. Once you have a healthy belief system about your body, you'll be making healthy decisions with ease. 

Did this Innercise give you some clarity? Let us know what your biggest block is!

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