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Goal Achievement

Here Are 9 Attractive Ways to Improve Your Life

Author: NeuroGym Team | May 18, 2017

Although many people believe they have barely any control over the things that happen to them, there are others who firmly think they can benefit from what’s called the Law of Attraction.

This law dictates that your mind and your beliefs are strong enough on their own to encourage the things you want to come to pass.

Keep reading to learn some specific ways about how it can significantly make your life better, both regarding your personal and business-based interactions and pursuits.

Visualizing Good Things Could Change What You Experience

People who often fall into negative thinking traps often get coached about how to visualize positive things that contradict their fears or other poor thought patterns.

Have you ever thought about how some of the bad things you imagine happening to you are actually within your control? For example, maybe you have a very vivid picture of yourself wiping sweaty palms on your pants and shuffling your feet nervously as you stumble through a public presentation.

If you fixate on those possibilities too much, it’s more likely they’ll actually happen.

Try to change the course of what happens to you by instead imagining yourself standing in front of the crowd and speaking confidently just in the way you practiced so often at home. There’s a good chance you’re already capable of achieving good results, but negative thoughts won’t help in that quest.

When you teach your mind to think more positively, those good outcomes become not just dreams, but realities.

You Can Present Yourself More Effectively to Others

A huge part of the Law of Attraction (LOA) involves genuinely believing you deserve for good things to happen to you. The more richly you believe you are a deserving person, the more likely it is your body language will unconsciously shift to match those ideals.

Think of your favorite business leader, and realize you probably haven’t ever seen that person with a sad expression. Instead, they probably radiate confidence through every gesture and pose.

Spend time thinking about the ways you present yourself to others, and determine whether there are changes you could make that cause you to come across more favorably to them. If there are and you make those alterations, you’ve taken practical action towards drawing the things you want into your presence.

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It Could Help You Overcome Perceived Shortcomings

Maybe your mother always said you’d have a hard time making it in the world because you’re so shy or your last lover complained about how you aren’t clear enough when you communicate. That kind of bad feedback can seep into our minds and keep playing back like a broken record.

Although it may be true that some things about yourself need improvement, it’s not usually worthwhile to keep dwelling on those things. In many cases, doing that could cause you to suffer from poor self-esteem and honestly believe that all the things people have said about you are wholly true.

Firstly, consider that when people are frustrated or upset with you, some less than amazing qualities (everyone has at least a few!) might seem amplified to them.

So, if your ex-partner said you weren’t a great communicator, maybe that’s because they were flustering you so much that you couldn’t communicate as well as usual.

Making the LOA work for you involves looking past perceived shortcomings and realizing that almost everything that seems like a fault can almost certainly be improved, and you may even be able to eliminate it entirely with hard work and time.


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You’ll See That Success Is Universally Accessible

Have you always thought success was restricted to a select group of people? One thing about the LOA is it proves anyone with the correct mindset can achieve success.

Your beliefs about the LOA and how it works could show you how there are no limits when it comes to who is eligible to enjoy a successful life.

You’ll Pick Yourself Back Up After Hard Times

Wallowing in your supposed failures will also become a thing of the past when you subscribe to what’s taught about the Law of Attraction.

After all, if you’re always focused on things you could have done better that didn’t turn out the way you expected, you’re not going to be attractive to others and you’ll certainly have trouble attracting the things you deserve.

You’ll Become More Dependent on Your Intuition

Have you ever realized how powerful negative thoughts completely shut down your abilities and make you feel helpless? They can also cause you to tune out your intuition so that rather than listening to what your heart or gut knows is right, you allow yourself to be propelled by fear and little or nothing else.

Intuition is something you need to develop, but the more you consciously try to do so, it will soon become clear that innate things such as your conscience can help you perceive your environment with sharp senses. You’ll realize that little voice in the back of your mind that’s also known as your intuition is probably right.

The LOA Sharpens Your Focus

Having good focus is essential in many aspects of life, whether you’re trying to pay attention to a teacher during class or look alert when your boss gives you an annual performance review. Some people who practice the LOA get into the habit of daily meditation sessions that force them to think solely about the things they want to draw into their lives.

Maybe you want to earn enough money to buy your dream car or land the job you’ve always wanted. If you focus on those things regularly, you might get them, and you’ll enjoy an overall greater level of focus, too.

It Could Improve Your Performance In Sports

Forget performance-enhancing supplements! Some people who follow the LOA believe the visualization components of it help them become better at sports. That’s why so many Olympic-level and other pro athletes often take part in visualization before big meets or games.

They know they’re able to win, but want to populate their mind with images that solidly reinforce that fact.

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It May Help You Realize Dreams Aren’t Foolish

Many people are so action oriented that they think it’s stupid to pay attention to dreams and prefer to think about what they can do in the present instead of what the future might hold. Although it’s good to live in the present sometimes, your dreams are worthwhile too. Your belief in the LOA could demonstrate just how valuable dreams are.

(This article, "9 Ways the Law of Attraction Can Massively Improve Your Life" was written by Katherine Hurst and first published on the Law of Attraction blog.)

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